Articles by "Bill McManus":

A New Way to Prospect: Leveraging LinkedIn

  Bill McManus     Wed Jan 17 14:00:00 EST 2018 


With more pressure than ever on advisors to be more than just financial guides, but to be an empathetic and understanding ear for cautious investors, there is no shortage of advice on how to better advise existing clients.  Just as important to the health of their business, however, is bringing in new clients. It’s important for advisors to be proactive in acquiring new business, but typical marketing channels, such as email, are overused and easily ignored. To cut through the clutter and gain access to a stockpile of potential clients, advisors can use an often overlooked tool: LinkedIn. 

X Marks the Spot

  Bill McManus     Wed May 10 09:15:00 EDT 2017 


For several years now we have listened to the constant drumbeat about the importance of reaching out to the millennial generation to maintain and grow a successful financial advisory practice. However, when we look at the immediate opportunity for advisors, we may need to focus on a different segment of the population: Gen X.

P.R.U.N.E. What You Communicate

  Bill McManus     Mon Feb 13 10:15:00 EST 2017 


Every day, we, as a society, are inundated with a constant stream of information, news, and opinions coming at us from all directions—it’s on our televisions, smartphones, computers, social media feeds, email, text messages, browsers, etc. The volume and velocity of messages that reach us can make it difficult for any one message to break through the clutter and catch our eye in this era of information overload. So how, then, can financial advisors capture clients’ attention and influence action?