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Ten Years Later: How the Financial Crisis is Still Impacting Investors

  John Diehl     Tue Nov 28 09:30:00 EST 2017 


Ten years ago, the U.S. housing market collapsed, which triggered the start of what is known as the Great Recession. Now that a decade has passed, Hartford Funds conducted a survey to find out how Americans were impacted and whether they changed their financial behaviors as a result. Three key points emerged from this survey that financial advisors may find to be particularly useful.

When Should I Retire?

  Michael Lynch     Tue Mar 21 09:15:00 EDT 2017 


Retirement is the great unknown, and much to everyone’s chagrin, there are no cut-and-dry answers to most of our biggest retirement questions: when should I retire, and how much money do I need? The answers are different for everyone, and they are much more nuanced than coming up with a set age and amount. But, clients still ask these questions, and financial advisors still need to find a way to respond. I’ve addressed the “magic number” question in the past, but for the “when?” question, I suggest using a three-tiered approach: fiscal, physical, and psychological.

Four Steps to Starting a Retirement Mentorship Program

  Michael Lynch     Thu Nov 17 14:30:00 EST 2016 


In my last post, I introduced the idea of connecting clients with retirement mentors—other clients who are enjoying a happy, successful retirement, and who are willing to share their experiences with others who are approaching their own retirement years.

It’s a unique idea, but one that could reap benefits for all parties involved. So how do you go about introducing the idea of retirement mentors into your practice? Here’s a thought: IPAS. The acronym might remind you of a certain beverage, but here I use those initials to denote these simple steps to initiating a retirement mentor program: Identify, Pitch, Ask, Share.