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Is a Bear Market Around the Corner?

  John Diehl     Mon Oct 23 14:30:00 EDT 2017 


While last time I wrote about clients who become more optimistic as the bull market streak continues, there are also those clients who are notoriously glass-half-empty thinkers. With an eight-year bull market run and a consecutively positive 2017, these are the clients who feel that we’re due for a downturn, and are waiting with bated breath for the proverbial other shoe to drop. What can you do for clients whose strategy is to quit while they’re ahead?

Sink or Swim – Knowing When to Diversify in a Bull Market

  John Diehl     Wed Sep 06 10:00:00 EDT 2017 


Investors have been reaping the benefits of a sustained bull market for some time now, which may instill in them a false sense of security and lead them to lose sight of risk levels in their portfolios.

While bull markets can be good news, they can also make your clients more susceptible to the hot hand fallacy – a term used to describe the behavior of expecting future results to mimic past results. In other words, since bull markets tend to encourage investor optimism, your clients may expect this upward streak to continue and, in turn, go “all in” with their investments.

The Rule of -ates: Flip It and Reverse It

  Michael Lynch     Thu Aug 31 13:00:00 EDT 2017 


As summer comes to a close and we prepare to face the faster-paced fall season, advisors should consider taking time for a little self-reflection on their business. Are you serving your clients in a way that best benefits them? Do you understand what motivates them, and what emotional factors might affect their decision making?

In prior posts, we’ve talked about the rule of –ates, which helps advisors find out about clients’ backgrounds and social habits with regards to four key areas: educate, donate, recreate, and congregate. Learning about these details might not only help advisors inform their clients’ financial decisions better, but could also make the clients feel understood and appreciated. It has been said that emotion puts money into motion, so finding out what motivates individual clients is essential in today's market place.