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Appeal to Millennials Using the Rule of -ates, Part 3: Educate

  Bill McManus     Thu Jun 18 10:00:00 EDT 2015 


In the first two parts of the “Rule of –ates” series, I talked about the importance of considering the social habits of your millennial clients and what recreational activities they enjoy. Now I want to talk about educate—why it can be significant for financial advisors to know about where and how their millennial clients received their higher education.

Education amongst Gen Y (millennials) can be a great source of pride and connections, and also angst. By opening up the discussion around where and how your younger-generation clients were educated, you may be able to find meaningful ways to be impactful in their lives. When meeting with millennial clients, make an effort to ask questions about their alma maters. Not only can you learn more about these clients, but you can also find out important information that you can use later.


Don't Forget Your 401(k)!, A Follow-Up: 3 Considerations to Discuss with Your Clients

  Michael Lynch     Tue Jun 09 10:00:00 EDT 2015 


I recently wrote a post suggesting that financial advisors do a simple exercise with their clients around the topic of their employer-sponsored retirement plan. After finishing the exercise, follow it up with a meaningful retirement discussion, to help them understand why you introduced the exercise and how it pertains to them and their future.

There are a few important factors I would highlight when talking to your clients about what to do with their retirement savings when they leave their place of work: