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Your Personal Brand in Action

  Jill T. Slomski     Wed Feb 20 14:00:00 EST 2019 

blog_Your Personal Brand in Action

Now that you’ve determined your strengths and learned how to communicate your value from my previous post, it’s time to put your value messaging into action and promote your business in person and online.

The Advisor’s Guide to Personal Branding

  Jill T. Slomski     Tue Feb 12 11:00:00 EST 2019 

blog_Advisor's Guide to Personal Branding

It may be difficult to convey why someone should choose you over another advisor. Explaining what makes you unique can feel uncomfortable or disingenuous, or you may even struggle to identify these characteristics.

However, to build your business effectively, you must be able to identify your strengths to differentiate yourself and clearly communicate your value to potential clients. Follow this simple outline to create a message that will resonate with those people you want to serve.

Time to Take Your Own Advice

  Julie L. Genjac     Thu Jan 17 10:00:00 EST 2019 

Financial advisors have a lot of practice encouraging their clients to do a formal estate plan, to ensure that their clients’ assets and legacies are left in perfect order. However, advisors don’t always take this same advice in preparing a succession plan for their own business. The task can seem daunting, but just as you would take your clients step by step in reaching one of their goals, you can do the same for your own plan by following this simple outline: reflect, select, communicate, and document.

New Year, New Batteries, New Business Plan

  Julie L. Genjac     Thu Dec 13 09:00:00 EST 2018 

For me, the perfect time to change the batteries in my home’s smoke detectors is New Year’s Day. By doing it on the first of the year, I give myself a fresh start for the year ahead, as well as peace of mind knowing the detectors will be in full working condition for the year.

Have you considered what fresh batteries you might put into your practice for 2019? Whether 2019 will bring about some serious change, or will be more about maintaining momentum, the New Year is always a great anchor point for a business refresh. Dust off your 2018 business plan, and take the time to assess what goals you achieved, which ones you missed, and what items just fell off the radar. Consider the following aspects of your business as you gear up to prepare for the year ahead:

Welcome to Retirement: The Onboarding Guide Your Clients Need

  Michael Lynch     Thu Nov 29 10:15:00 EST 2018 

When a person starts a new role at a new company, companies will usually have an onboarding program that gives the new employee all of the resources and information they need to hit the ground running. This initial training usually includes an HR orientation, a shadowing program with a tenured employee, a benefits overview, and a review of other rules and expectations.  The idea is to ensure the new hire is set up for success.

When a person enters retirement, there is no guide, handbook, or orientation setting them up for success. We should help soon-to-be retirees prepare in the same way a company helps new employees. Financial advisors are in a unique position to offer this kind of help, because they have witnessed the pitfalls, challenges, and successes of myriad retirements. Here are a few ways you can help your clients prepare for their transition into retirement.