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When Fear Rears Its Ugly Head

  John Diehl     Thu Dec 17 08:45:00 EST 2015 


There was no shortage of news stories in 2015 that had the potential to induce a certain amount of fear and anxiety in investors. How many times have we discussed rising interest rates? Stock market volatility is an ever-present topic of conversation in the financial world, and global events, such as the attack on Paris not long ago, are unpredictable and impactful.

These kinds of happenings can be stressful and scary, and they can certainly affect our financial health. What exacerbates the situation is the 24-hour news cycle and the readiness of the media to report on the crisis du jour. Positive economic trends are often overlooked by the media, and in fact only eighteen percent of economic news is viewed as ‘good news’ by the public. Financial advisors may be finding themselves in the position to provide their clients with advisor therapy, acting as a sounding board for their financial fears and finding ways to alleviate their anxieties and prevent them from making irrational, impulsive financial decisions.

The Cost of Caring

  Michael Lynch     Thu Dec 03 11:00:00 EST 2015 

Mother and Daughter Sitting on Bed

We all tend to organically fall into certain roles in order to meet the needs of our loved ones, and within every family, there is most likely one person that is inclined to assume the role of caregiver. The tendency, in my opinion, is that caregivers are female. That fact is significant for financial advisors—not only do your female clients have unique needs and concerns, but if they are acting as caregiver in their family, then those needs and concerns become even more nuanced.

The role of the caregiver is also evolving in response to emerging family trends. With each generation, the life expectancy gets longer, which means that those playing caregiver will also be doing so for a longer period of time than in the past. In addition, it seems to be more common to have adult children move back home with their parents. Today’s caregiver may now be tending to an elderly loved one while also helping out with their grandchildren’s after-school activities.