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The Practice Playbook

  Bill McManus     Tue Nov 17 15:00:00 EST 2015 


We’ve addressed in the past that financial advisors have taken a new, more robust role in response to the evolving expectations of clients. We’ve shared research that emphasizes the importance of financial advisors offering empathy and personalized services to their clients. And we’ve also talked about how client demands have increased and moved away from investment performance alone and towards individualized, relevant information.

What all of this shows us is that demands have increased, and the perceived value has shifted from being solely based off of the investment component of what financial advisors provide their clients. More is being asked of financial advisors today, and those who do not find a way to adapt to today’s clients run the risk of losing clients or referrals. It is becoming increasingly important than financial advisors treat each client as an individual, which means knowing their unique situation, finances and goals. Due to all of this, the time and energy of financial advisors today have never been stretched so thin.