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Four Reasons You Should Be Prospecting Women Investors as Clients

  Stephen Parnell     Tue May 24 14:45:00 EDT 2016 


Which gender is more commonly associated with business and finance? I’m guessing most people think of the male gender when it comes to money, given that men have historically out-earned women, been represented in higher numbers at business schools and are traditionally positioned as the breadwinner in a marriage. Because of this general, albeit old-fashioned, mindset, financial advisors may find themselves catering more to the male gender. Don’t let yourself give into this habit—instead, make it a habit to spend more time prospecting and engaging women investors as clients. There are several reasons why, but here are my top four:

Helping Millennials Pay Off Debt Today May Lead to a Rewarding Payoff for You Tomorrow

  Bill McManus     Thu May 12 11:30:00 EDT 2016 


May is graduation season, a time when families celebrate, job searches begin, first apartments are found, and the prospect of financial independence is welcomed. For many, however, along with the exciting factors, graduating also means that the dreaded time has come to begin paying off their student loans.

Given the heavy debt burden many young Millennials carry, financial advisors might instinctively refrain from trying to court them as clients, but ignoring this cohort is a mistake. There needs to be a shift in the mindset among the financial advisor community with regard to these relatively new, possibly in-debt professionals. On the surface, it may seem fruitless to expend time and energy on them, but the reality is that this is the group of people who may ultimately receive a massive transfer of wealth over the next few decades. Therefore, financial advisors need to begin laying the groundwork with these potential future wealth holders now, regardless of their existing level of debt, and finding ways to build relationships with them.

What's the Magic Number?

  Michael Lynch     Tue May 03 16:30:00 EDT 2016 


When it comes to retirement savings, everyone wants to know the quick and easy answers to these common questions: “How much do I need to save in order to retire?” and “Do I have enough?”

We’re all trying to determine the magic number of how much income we need in retirement, but the problem is that we are all different. We lead different lifestyles, we each have our own income needs, we envision our retirement in our own way and, to be blunt, we each have a unique, unknown life expectancy.