Articles in "2016 November":

A Financial Advisor's Guide to Turkey Day

  John Diehl     Mon Nov 21 16:15:00 EST 2016 


This week we celebrate Thanksgiving, a holiday where family gathers to reflect on what we are thankful for while we overindulge in a lavish but traditional meal. The holiday is also another good opportunity to share a few important reminders for financial advisors, using terms that are relatable and top-of-mind.

Four Steps to Starting a Retirement Mentorship Program

  Michael Lynch     Thu Nov 17 14:30:00 EST 2016 


In my last post, I introduced the idea of connecting clients with retirement mentors—other clients who are enjoying a happy, successful retirement, and who are willing to share their experiences with others who are approaching their own retirement years.

It’s a unique idea, but one that could reap benefits for all parties involved. So how do you go about introducing the idea of retirement mentors into your practice? Here’s a thought: IPAS. The acronym might remind you of a certain beverage, but here I use those initials to denote these simple steps to initiating a retirement mentor program: Identify, Pitch, Ask, Share.

What Is a Retirement Mentor?

  Michael Lynch     Tue Nov 08 09:15:00 EST 2016 


It’s human nature to seek out like-minded people or individuals who have gone through similar experiences as we have. For example, support groups bring together participants who face a common challenge to share their ideas, lessons learned, hurdles, and coping strategies. These groups exist so that people can benefit from the previous experiences of others and can learn to thrive with the help of others and their knowledge.

Think back to the milestones in your life. Chances are that you can identify the people who helped you get through the transitions. When you started college, you could probably ask for guidance from an orientation leader, an academic advisor, or a resident advisor—not to mention swap stories with your peers who were in the same boat as you. Starting your first job, did someone train you and show you the ropes? Leading up to and following the birth of your first child, resources abound, in the form of parenting classes, hospital tours, meet-up groups, your own parents, and friends who have already been through it.

In all of these important, life-altering moments, we have support from people who have already gone through what we are about to go through, and we look to them to share their story and to pass on their advice.

Why should retirement be any different?

Connect with Clients through Technology, Part 2

  Bill McManus     Tue Nov 01 08:45:00 EDT 2016 


In a previous post, I explained how technology is changing how we age, and I encouraged advisors to use new technologies to catch and keep their clients’ attention. So far, I shared how online courses and room-sharing services can help retirees earn extra income while also helping them to fill in some idle time, and I brought up how new innovations are making it easier for the elderly to age in place in a manner that keeps them safe and healthy.

To follow-up on that post, I’d like to address three more areas of life that may be impacted by new technology. These three areas are critical to retirement planning, as they can make or break retirees’ quality of life as they age.