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Connect with Clients through Technology, Part 1

  Bill McManus     Mon Oct 24 09:15:00 EDT 2016 


Excite and delight—that’s what we encourage financial advisors to do at every touch point with their clients. It’s our way of saying that, to make sure you are heard, remembered and valued, it’s important to connect with clients in ways that engage and motivate them. One good tactic is to introduce your clients to something new and exciting, something cutting-edge and thought-provoking—like technology.

In today’s world, smartphones, apps, and constant connectedness make information and services available literally at our fingertips. According to new research by the MIT AgeLab, emerging technology may be changing how we age and improving our quality of life in retirement. Financial advisors who are looking to “excite and delight” their clients may want to try introducing them to some of these new technologies, helping them to understand how to use the technology and how it can help them have a better retirement.