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  Michael Lynch     Thu Sep 29 11:00:00 EDT 2016 

Senior man on hammock

If you’re like me, you’re probably sick of hearing people say “YOLO” – a slang acronym for the phrase “you only live once.” It’s applied to everything these days, from making the life-changing decision to leave a job to allowing yourself to indulge in a decadent dessert that you know is bad for you. It’s an overused term and has almost become something of an excuse or justification for throwing caution to the wind and making impulsive choices. It might be especially tempting for some to apply YOLO to their finances. Should I buy that second house? YOLO! Should I make that risky investment? YOLO! Should I save my bonus or treat myself? YOLO!

But think about it this way: it is true that you only live once, but it is also true that you only retire once—YORO. With just one shot at a long, healthy and satisfying retirement, we have to do whatever it takes to make sure we don’t waste it. If you’ve got clients who are prone to apply the YOLO method to their finances, encourage them instead to embrace the YORO mindset.

A Financial Advisor's Guide to Fall

  John Diehl     Wed Sep 21 12:30:00 EDT 2016 


If you’ve walked into any store recently, you’ll notice Halloween and even Thanksgiving decorations already on display. With the weather beginning to cool down and the leaves starting to change, it’s clear that summer is officially over, and the fall season has arrived. The fall isn’t just a time to enjoy hayrides and cider donuts, though—it’s also an opportunity to use fall favorites to proffer a few financial reminders to your clients.

Can You Afford a Vacation Home?

  Michael Lynch     Mon Sep 12 09:30:00 EDT 2016 


As the summer begins to wind down, you may hear clients lament about the end of the season and the impending cooler weather. The changing of the seasons may even get them thinking about purchasing a second home, either in a warmer location for the cold months or at a nearby shore town to use in the summers.

It’s a wonderful thought, especially for those who are retired and have the ability to split their time between two homes. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy an endless summer? But the real question here is, does buying a second home make sense for your client?