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Plan Creative Client Events in 2017

  Bill McManus     Tue Jan 24 14:45:00 EST 2017 


Each year, financial advisors face the challenge of finding unique ways to engage with their clients. It can be tough to think up new ideas, but the good news is, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. If you’re looking to hold creative client and prospecting events, let the calendar work for you. Each season, each month, we are presented with numerous opportunities around which to plan original, memorable events for clients and prospects.

Here are just a few examples of how calendar dates can help you leave a lasting impression:


Mine, Ours, Yours

  Michael Lynch     Wed Jan 18 09:45:00 EST 2017 


Talking about money is uncomfortable, especially with family members. Along with religion and politics, money is a taboo subject that we’ve all learned not to bring up at holidays and other family gatherings. The problem is that if nobody’s talking about it, what happens next to our money? If we don’t talk to our children about finances, for example, and share our successes and struggles, then how will they learn the value of money? Or absent of children, how will we pass our assets on, when the time comes? How can we ensure that the money we’ve worked hard for will not be lost or wasted?

When a Millennial Isn't a Millennial

  Bill McManus     Tue Jan 10 09:30:00 EST 2017 


The ball has dropped, the calendar has flipped, and we’re now easing into 2017, which means that each demographic cohort (Boomer, Gen X, Millennial) will be reaching new milestones.  The oldest Boomers will be turning 71; Gen X will move one year closer to retirement; and the youngest Millennials will all be driving. But those milestones, and frankly, those labels, don’t account for everyone, so while they serve as helpful guidelines, they shouldn’t be used as rules.

As we start a new year, maybe it’s time to take a fresh approach to how we view a certain group, both as potential clients and partners.  

Retirement Myths Debunked

  Michael Lynch     Wed Jan 04 14:45:00 EST 2017 


One of life’s great mysteries is retirement. For those of us who have never been retired, we really don’t know what to expect or how it will come about until we’re in it. Nonetheless, over the many years of my career I have heard countless people repeat the same commonly accepted beliefs about retirement, and I want to shed a little light on these statements. Here are just a few of the viewpoints I hear most often, accompanied by my take on what’s wrong with them: