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Today's Lesson: How to Talk to Your Clients About Saving for Higher Education

  Michael Lynch     Thu Aug 30 10:15:00 EDT 2018 


As the end of the summer rapidly approaches, many families are getting ready to send their kids back to school. For the younger ones, that preparation is as simple as new backpacks filled with school supplies and reinstating a bedtime. For the young adults heading off to college, however, it’s a bit more complicated and a bit more expensive.

Many parents, with children of all ages, may be anxious about how to tackle the financials of higher education. As an advisor, you have the opportunity to help ease these worries by discussing the costs of higher education, presenting them with options, and helping your clients create a plan, regardless of how old their kids are.

Branding Your Branch: Bonus

  Jill T. Slomski     Wed Aug 15 10:00:00 EDT 2018 

Over the past few weeks, I wrote a series of blog posts examining issues that can crop up in advisor branches, and gave advice on how to alleviate or prevent them. To end the set on a positive note, I decided to do an additional bonus post on how to create the ultimate client experience.

Between tending to your clients’ needs, keeping your branch in order, and maintaining your personal responsibilities, it may seem like there isn’t enough time in the day to do more. However, there are small deeds that won’t take you much time but can mean the world to clients. Here are a few of my suggestions for how to make each of your interactions with clients and potential clients favorable and memorable.

Branding Your Branch: Part 3

  Jill T. Slomski     Wed Aug 08 09:45:00 EDT 2018 

In the previous two posts, I explored some of the challenges that advisor branches can face, including lack of communication and conflicting priorities. In this final post of the series, I will propose a plan for how to ensure that all team members are sticking to the agreed-upon strategy. Whether it’s for a particular project, or simply the day-to-day operations of the branch, the team needs to be able to trust their colleagues to stay the course, and hold one another accountable in the event that someone strays off track.

Veering off course can happen for several reasons, whether they are positive, such as finding a more efficient process, or negative, like a team member going rogue when they no longer agree with the established plan.

Branding Your Branch: Part 2

  Jill T. Slomski     Wed Aug 01 10:30:00 EDT 2018 

In the first installment of the Building Your Branch series, I talked about what it means to have a successful branch team, and focused on how to combat lack of communication. The next topic I’d like to explore is how to handle differing priorities among team members, and how having a branch vision can mitigate potential conflicts.

In order for a branch to run like a well-oiled machine, the advisor, office manager, and any other additional team members in the office should all be on the same page. Occasionally, the individual responsibilities of team members can come into conflict with each other. Disagreements around whose priorities are more important can cause tension in the branch and lead to lack of trust between team members, which could ultimately cause a breakdown of the partnership.