We believe in human-centric investing—a unique approach that utilizes research and insights to understand the rational and emotional ways investors think about money, their investments and their financial advisors.

With that mindset as our foundation, the Masters of Advice Institute blog provides financial advisors with practice management ideas and tactics that are designed for real-world situations and real client needs.

Advisors will hear from professionals who are experienced, insightful, curious and knowledgeable about more than money, the economy or the stock market, but also about investors, society, human nature, life stage trends, generational differences and more. As a result, financial advisors will have access to proven and practical methods to better understand and engage their clients, as well as strategies to improve and grow their business.

The Masters of Advice Institute blog is one tool Hartford Funds has developed to help financial advisors better serve their clients. Because a client who feels they have an advisor who truly understands them is a client who stays put. Forever.