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At Hartford Funds, we think differently about money management. Because as much as mutual fund companies and asset managers would like our business to be all about the numbers, it’s not.

It’s about much more.

It’s about investors. It’s about advisors. It’s about relationships, confidence and trust.

That’s why our approach is something we call human-centric investing. Human-centric investing works to understand the relationships between investors, their money and their financial advisors…and then create the solutions and advisor tools designed to serve those investors and their mindsets.

We believe that human-centric investing can create solutions and advisor tools that not only strengthen bottom lines, but strengthen advisor-client relationships by helping investors better realize their true life goals.

Hartford Funds has $73.6 billion total assets under management as of March 31, 2016 (excluding assets used in certain annuity products) and more than 45 Funds in a variety of styles and asset classes. We are sub-advised by Wellington Management, one of the finest institutional fund management groups in the world.

Of course, Hartford Funds will always strive to meet or exceed traditional industry benchmarks, but through human-centric investing, we intend to also raise the bar on performance, and make it mean more than numbers alone.

And we will. Because at Hartford Funds…

Our benchmark is the investor.