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Learn why we think it's time for a new benchmark in performance.

At Hartford Funds, we believe our business is about more than just the numbers.

It’s about investors. It’s about advisors. It’s about relationships, confidence and trust.


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Investor Insight


Help clients imagine their quality of life in retirement

Discover academic research from Hartford Funds that uses real-world situations to help your clients plan for a better future.

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Investor Insight


9 trends increasing clients' expectations

Financial advisors' clients have more expectations than ever. Learn these 9 trends so you can answer their most pressing questions.

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Investor Insight


Divorce is hard.
As a financial advisor, you can help.

Divorce is hard. And for your female clients, it can mean specific challenges you'll need to address. Learn how you can help.

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Investment Insight


Don't fear the (market) reaper.

When volatility spikes, clients may want to run and hide. Help them see it might not only be a mistake - it might be a missed opportunity.

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Investor Insight


Retirement is dead.
Long live retirement.

The journey through retirement is a lot longer than it used to be. Learn how to help your clients navigate the coming 8,000 days.

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Investment Insight


The question is active or passive investing. Our answer is yes.

Active vs. passive investing doesn’t have to be a battle. This research shows how the two can live side by side.

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Investment Insight


10 things your clients should know about bear markets.

Your clients are likely to experience 14 bear markets in a lifetime. Here are 10 things they should know.

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Investor Insight


Aging and Uber. Yes, they do go together.

New academic research shows how ridesharing, online home services and robotics will change the world of aging.

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