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MIT AgeLab: 3 Questions that Can Increase Participant Engagement

A survey found that plan sponsors are increasingly focused on making sure their plans are effective in financially preparing employees for retirement, giving advisors greater opportunity to add value for both sponsors and their employees.1 How can you help plan sponsors capture the attention of participants and to make a distant retirement more tangible?


Help Employers Engage Participants with Three Intriguing Questions

MIT AgeLab has identified three questions you or your plan-sponsor clients should ask plan participants to assess how prepared they are to live well in retirement:

  1. Who will change my light bulbs?
  2. How will I get an ice cream cone?
  3. Who will I have lunch with?

What do these questions have to do with retirement planning? A lot more than you might think. They actually uncover important factors about aging in place, staying mobile, and maintaining a strong social network in retirement. These factors can serve as a starting point for planning a satisfying retirement.


  • How MIT AgeLab's three questions relate to plan participants' retirement
  • Why the three questions engage participants so effectively
  • How to use advisor and participant worksheets to implement The Quality of Life insights

Next Steps

  1. Download plan participant (client) and advisor worksheets in the Resources sections
  2. Contact your Hartford Funds Advisor Consultant about about how to use this material with plan sponsors and participants

1What’s driving plan sponsors’ decisions on retirement plans? Their employees., benefitspro.com, 2/1/19

The MIT AgeLab is not an affiliate or subsidiary of Hartford Funds.