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What is My Cost Basis? 

Can you provide a copy of my tax form? 

Can I transfer my mutual fund tax information using Turbo Tax® or Quicken? 

By when do I need to make my IRA contribution? 

Why does my NAV drop at the Ex-Date? 


Form 1099-DIV Frequently Asked Questions


I received a small dividend but did not receive a copy of Form 1099-DIV. Why not? 

If I reinvest my distributions back into my account, will I receive a Form 1099-DIV? 

According to Form 1099-DIV, federal income tax was withheld from my fund's distribution. Why? 

Is Form 1099-DIV issued on my tax-free funds? 

What are the qualified dividends by state? 

Form 1099-B Frequently Asked Questions

I exchanged shares from one Hartford Mutual Fund to another. I didn't receive a check for the proceeds, so why did I receive Form 1099-B for the fund I exchanged from? 

What is the cost basis information reported on my Form 1099-B? 

What is the gain (loss) information reported on my Form 1099-B? 

I sold a small amount of shares, but I didn't receive a 1099-B for the sale. Why not? 

Form 1099-R Frequently Asked Questions

If I take an IRA distribution and return the money within the 60-day deadline to avoid owing taxes, will I still get a Form 1099-R? 

If I moved to another state during the year, will I receive multiple 1099-R forms? 

Can you change the distribution code on my 1099-R? It is showing as a premature distribution, but I used this redemption for qualified expenses (first-time home buyer, etc.). 

Form 1099-Q Frequently Asked Questions

How do I calculate earnings and cost basis for my Coverdell ESA? 

Form 5498 Frequently Asked Questions

I completed an IRA rollover early this year from a distribution taken last year. Why doesn't my Form 5498 reflect this rollover? 

I made a 2019 SEP or SIMPLE contribution in 2020, yet it is not on my Form 5498. Why? 

Why haven't I received my Form 5498 yet showing my contribution? 

How do I report my contributions for the year if I haven’t received Form 5498? 

How do I receive a return of excess contributions to my IRA, Roth IRA or Coverdell account? 

Form 5498-ESA Frequently Asked Questions

Are contributions to a Coverdell ESA tax deductible?