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Tax Forms


The table below identifies the tax forms you may receive from Hartford Funds. The actual forms you will receive depend upon the types of funds you own and the activity on your accounts during the tax year.

Allow 1–2 weeks from the mailing date for your tax forms to arrive in your mailbox. Also note that some forms are mailed with inserts that provide important information to help you complete your tax return. Sample inserts are provided in the table below for your convenience.

How to obtain additional copies of your forms
You may view or print your tax forms online. You may also contact us to obtain a duplicate copy in the mail.

Need further assistance?
Contact your personal tax advisor for assistance in filling out your individual tax returns with the information on your mutual fund tax forms. If you have questions about the information on your tax forms, you may contact us.

You will receive this form if you:
Mailing Insert
Mail Date
1099-DIV Own a non-retirement mutual fund or exchange traded fund account and received:
  • Ordinary dividends or capital gains of $10 or more, whether paid in cash or reinvested in additional shares, and/or
  • Tax exempt dividends of $10 or more on a Hartford tax-free fund, whether paid in cash or reinvested in additional shares.
  • Qualified Dividend Income, Foreign Tax Credit, AMT, Tax-exempt, State Income and US Treasury
2020 1099-DIV


January 31
1099-B Own a non-retirement mutual fund account and sold or exchanged any shares in 2018. Note: 1099-B will also report information concerning your cost basis. 2020 1099-B January 31
1099-R Took a distribution of $10 or more from your IRA or other retirement account, including return of excess contributions, early distributions and direct rollovers. An exception is trustee-to-trustee transfers which are not reportable on Form 1099-R.  N/A January 31
1099-Q Took a distribution from a Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA), including transfers and rollover distributions. (Form 1099-Q may also be issued for 529 college savings plans.) 2020 1099-Q January 31
1042-S Are a non-resident alien or foreign corporation and received gross dividends on a Hartford Funds account, whether paid in cash or reinvested in additional shares. 1042-S March 15
5498 Contributed to or had any other reportable event (rollover, recharacterization, Roth conversion) on a Traditional, Roth, SEP or SIMPLE IRA. 5498 May 31
5498-ESA Contributed to a Coverdell ESA for the 2020 tax year, including transfer and rollover purchases.  N/A May 1