Hartford Small Cap Growth HLS Fund
Schedule of Investments
March 31, 2023  (Unaudited) 

Shares or Principal Amount   Market Value†
  Automobiles & Components - 2.8%
    70,887 Fox Factory Holding Corp.* $   8,603,555
    38,587 Patrick Industries, Inc.   2,655,171
    54,890 Visteon Corp.*   8,608,399
  Banks - 1.0%
   114,754 Synovus Financial Corp.   3,537,866
64,245 Triumph Financial, Inc.* 3,730,064
  Capital Goods - 13.5%
63,744 Ameresco, Inc. Class A* 3,137,480
91,398 Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc. 12,990,398
157,404 AZEK Co., Inc.* 3,705,290
46,267 Boise Cascade Co. 2,926,388
49,017 Chart Industries, Inc.* 6,146,732
41,899 Curtiss-Wright Corp. 7,385,118
143,673 Fluor Corp.* 4,440,932
27,197 Herc Holdings, Inc. 3,097,738
475,291 Hillman Solutions Corp.* 4,001,950
73,340 ITT, Inc. 6,329,242
75,042 John Bean Technologies Corp. 8,201,340
62,800 Rush Enterprises, Inc. Class A 3,428,880
217,115 Shoals Technologies Group, Inc. Class A* 4,948,051
98,262 SPX Technologies, Inc.* 6,935,332
396,114 Stem, Inc.*(1) 2,245,966
167,901 WillScot Mobile Mini Holdings Corp.* 7,871,199
418,313 Zurn Elkay Water Solutions Corp. 8,935,166
  Commercial & Professional Services - 8.8%
65,535 ASGN, Inc.* 5,417,778
24,580 CACI International, Inc. Class A* 7,282,562
83,843 Casella Waste Systems, Inc. Class A* 6,930,462
31,253 Clean Harbors, Inc.* 4,455,428
21,283 Concentrix Corp. 2,586,949
40,590 ExlService Holdings, Inc.* 6,568,680
46,712 Exponent, Inc. 4,656,719
70,639 Insperity, Inc. 8,586,171
112,746 KBR, Inc. 6,206,667
12,003 Tetra Tech, Inc. 1,763,361
523,257 Verra Mobility Corp.* 8,853,508
  Consumer Durables & Apparel - 3.6%
97,040 Crocs, Inc.* 12,269,737
11,165 Deckers Outdoor Corp.* 5,019,226
208,369 YETI Holdings, Inc.* 8,334,760
  Consumer Services - 4.9%
27,238 Churchill Downs, Inc. 7,001,528
141,171 Penn Entertainment, Inc.* 4,187,132
112,313 Texas Roadhouse, Inc. 12,136,543
62,694 Wingstop, Inc. 11,509,364
  Consumer Staples Distribution & Retail - 0.5%
62,532 Performance Food Group Co.* 3,773,181
  Energy - 5.6%
72,952 Cactus, Inc. Class A 3,007,811
58,642 Chord Energy Corp. 7,893,213
146,742 Helmerich & Payne, Inc. 5,246,027
376,101 Magnolia Oil & Gas Corp. Class A 8,229,090
104,095 Ovintiv, Inc. 3,755,748
Shares or Principal Amount   Market Value†
COMMON STOCKS - 97.6% - (continued)
  Energy - 5.6% - (continued)
   103,345 PDC Energy, Inc. $   6,632,682
   197,528 SM Energy Co.   5,562,388
  Equity Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) - 2.0%
    55,756 Agree Realty Corp. REIT   3,825,419
   201,607 Phillips Edison & Co., Inc. REIT   6,576,420
42,820 Ryman Hospitality Properties, Inc. REIT 3,842,239
  Financial Services - 3.3%
473,267 MGIC Investment Corp. 6,351,243
14,459 Repay Holdings Corp.* 94,996
60,020 Shift4 Payments, Inc. Class A* 4,549,516
110,484 Stifel Financial Corp. 6,528,499
33,653 WEX, Inc.* 6,188,450
  Food, Beverage & Tobacco - 4.8%
10,256 Boston Beer Co., Inc. Class A* 3,371,147
90,728 Celsius Holdings, Inc.* 8,432,261
76,483 Freshpet, Inc.* 5,062,410
29,814 Lancaster Colony Corp. 6,048,664
126,040 Simply Good Foods Co.* 5,012,611
370,387 Sovos Brands, Inc.* 6,178,055
  Health Care Equipment & Services - 8.9%
24,239 Amedisys, Inc.* 1,782,778
104,455 AtriCure, Inc.* 4,329,660
114,420 Encompass Health Corp. 6,190,122
99,784 Glaukos Corp.* 4,999,178
72,947 Globus Medical, Inc. Class A* 4,131,718
88,221 Haemonetics Corp.* 7,300,288
98,726 HealthEquity, Inc.* 5,796,204
77,850 Inari Medical, Inc.* 4,806,459
21,023 Inspire Medical Systems, Inc.* 4,920,854
111,421 Integra LifeSciences Holdings Corp.* 6,396,680
71,348 Omnicell, Inc.* 4,185,987
149,300 Owens & Minor, Inc.* 2,172,315
33,014 QuidelOrtho Corp.* 2,941,217
16,957 Shockwave Medical, Inc.* 3,676,786
  Household & Personal Products - 0.6%
353,649 Beauty Health Co.* 4,466,587
  Insurance - 0.4%
125,423 James River Group Holdings Ltd. 2,589,985
  Materials - 4.4%
261,793 Axalta Coating Systems Ltd.* 7,929,710
111,199 Cabot Corp. 8,522,291
53,924 Ingevity Corp.* 3,856,644
356,008 Livent Corp.* 7,732,494
66,028 Louisiana-Pacific Corp. 3,579,378
  Media & Entertainment - 1.1%
180,365 Bumble, Inc. Class A* 3,526,136
57,719 Ziff Davis, Inc.* 4,504,968
  Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences - 10.6%
193,663 Aclaris Therapeutics, Inc.* 1,566,734
162,309 Alkermes PLC* 4,575,491
29,002 Apellis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.* 1,912,972
58,399 Bioxcel Therapeutics, Inc.*(1) 1,089,725


Hartford Small Cap Growth HLS Fund
Schedule of Investments – (continued)
March 31, 2023  (Unaudited) 

Shares or Principal Amount   Market Value†
COMMON STOCKS - 97.6% - (continued)
  Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences - 10.6% -
    90,218 Blueprint Medicines Corp.* $   4,058,908
    60,405 Celldex Therapeutics, Inc.*   2,173,372
   135,172 Crinetics Pharmaceuticals, Inc.*   2,170,862
   246,500 Cytek Biosciences, Inc.*   2,265,335
   100,551 Cytokinetics, Inc.*   3,538,390
   128,223 Denali Therapeutics, Inc.*   2,954,258
895,374 Geron Corp.* 1,942,961
652,102 ImmunoGen, Inc.* 2,504,072
55,163 Intellia Therapeutics, Inc.* 2,055,925
103,891 Intra-Cellular Therapies, Inc.* 5,625,698
85,107 IVERIC bio, Inc.* 2,070,653
28,129 Karuna Therapeutics, Inc.* 5,109,351
69,043 Kymera Therapeutics, Inc.* 2,045,744
76,287 Morphic Holding, Inc.* 2,871,443
55,355 PTC Therapeutics, Inc.* 2,681,396
138,365 Revance Therapeutics, Inc.* 4,456,737
132,795 Revolution Medicines, Inc.* 2,876,340
64,261 Sage Therapeutics, Inc.* 2,696,391
121,038 Syndax Pharmaceuticals, Inc.* 2,556,322
107,995 Vaxcyte, Inc.* 4,047,653
60,652 Ventyx Biosciences, Inc.* 2,031,842
102,009 Veracyte, Inc.* 2,274,801
95,625 Zentalis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.* 1,644,750
  Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment - 5.9%
73,480 Axcelis Technologies, Inc.* 9,791,210
44,849 Cirrus Logic, Inc.* 4,905,584
49,203 Lattice Semiconductor Corp.* 4,698,887
48,010 MKS Instruments, Inc. 4,254,646
94,310 Power Integrations, Inc. 7,982,398
44,574 Rambus, Inc.* 2,284,863
46,333 Silicon Laboratories, Inc.* 8,112,445
  Software & Services - 9.7%
108,534 Alarm.com Holdings, Inc.* 5,457,090
83,822 Blackbaud, Inc.* 5,808,865
43,991 Ceridian HCM Holding, Inc.* 3,221,021
79,859 DigitalOcean Holdings, Inc.*(1) 3,128,077
293,458 EngageSmart, Inc.* 5,649,066
52,876 Five9, Inc.* 3,822,406
128,854 Grid Dynamics Holdings, Inc.* 1,476,667
59,973 Guidewire Software, Inc.* 4,920,785
47,071 Manhattan Associates, Inc.* 7,288,944
84,908 Perficient, Inc.* 6,129,508
156,989 PowerSchool Holdings, Inc. Class A* 3,111,522
67,729 Rapid7, Inc.* 3,109,438
75,495 Sprout Social, Inc. Class A* 4,596,136
161,069 Squarespace, Inc. Class A* 5,117,162
61,182 Workiva, Inc.* 6,265,649
  Technology Hardware & Equipment - 5.2%
77,532 Fabrinet* 9,207,700
72,817 Insight Enterprises, Inc.* 10,409,919
15,978 Littelfuse, Inc. 4,283,542
42,025 Lumentum Holdings, Inc.* 2,269,770
47,060 Novanta, Inc.* 7,486,776
33,006 Super Micro Computer, Inc.* 3,516,789
  Total Common Stocks
(cost $574,875,209)
  $ 698,234,332
Shares or Principal Amount   Market Value†
  Other Investment Pools & Funds - 1.0%
    31,655 iShares Russell 2000 Growth ETF (1) $   7,179,987
  Total Exchange-Traded Funds
(cost $6,408,131)
  $ 7,179,987
  Total Long-Term Investments
(cost $581,283,340)
  $ 705,414,319
  Repurchase Agreements - 0.6%
$    4,042,953 Fixed Income Clearing Corp. Repurchase Agreement dated 03/31/2023 at 4.810%, due on 04/03/2023 with a maturity value of $4,044,574; collateralized by U.S. Treasury Note at 2.250%, maturing 11/15/2025, with a market value of $4,123,881 $   4,042,953
  Securities Lending Collateral - 2.9%
 3,350,353 Goldman Sachs Financial Square Funds, Government Fund, Institutional Class, 4.72%(2)   3,350,353
11,167,841 HSBC U.S. Government Money Market Fund, Institutional Class, 4.70%(2) 11,167,841
3,350,352 Invesco Government & Agency Portfolio, Institutional Class, 4.73%(2) 3,350,352
3,350,352 Morgan Stanley Institutional Liquidity Funds, Government Portfolio, Institutional Class, 4.75%(2) 3,350,352
  Total Short-Term Investments
(cost $25,261,851)
$ 25,261,851
  Total Investments
(cost $606,545,191)
102.1% $ 730,676,170
  Other Assets and Liabilities (2.1)% (15,005,305)
  Total Net Assets 100.0% $ 715,670,865
Note: Percentage of investments as shown is the ratio of the total market value to total net assets.
  Equity industry classifications used in this report are the Global Industry Classification Standard, which was developed by and is the exclusive property and service mark of MSCI, Inc. and Standard & Poor’s.
  For Fund compliance purposes, the Fund may not use the same classification system. These classifications are used for financial reporting purposes.
  See “Glossary” for abbreviation descriptions.
* Non-income producing.
(1) Represents entire or partial securities on loan.
(2) Current yield as of period end.
For information regarding the Fund’s significant accounting policies, please refer to the Fund’s most recent shareholder report.


Hartford Small Cap Growth HLS Fund
Schedule of Investments – (continued)
March 31, 2023  (Unaudited) 

Fair Value Summary
The following is a summary of the fair valuations according to the inputs used as of March 31, 2023 in valuing the Fund’s investments.
Description   Total   Level 1   Level 2   Level 3(1)
Common Stocks                
Automobiles & Components   $ 19,867,125   $ 19,867,125   $ —   $ —
Banks   7,267,930   7,267,930    
Capital Goods   96,727,202   96,727,202    
Commercial & Professional Services   63,308,285   63,308,285    
Consumer Durables & Apparel   25,623,723   25,623,723    
Consumer Services   34,834,567   34,834,567    
Consumer Staples Distribution & Retail   3,773,181   3,773,181    
Energy   40,326,959   40,326,959    
Equity Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)   14,244,078   14,244,078    
Financial Services   23,712,704   23,712,704    
Food, Beverage & Tobacco   34,105,148   34,105,148    
Health Care Equipment & Services   63,630,246   63,630,246    
Household & Personal Products   4,466,587   4,466,587    
Insurance   2,589,985   2,589,985    
Materials   31,620,517   31,620,517    
Media & Entertainment   8,031,104   8,031,104    
Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology & Life Sciences   75,798,126   75,798,126    
Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment   42,030,033   42,030,033    
Software & Services   69,102,336   69,102,336    
Technology Hardware & Equipment   37,174,496   37,174,496    
Exchange-Traded Funds   7,179,987   7,179,987    
Short-Term Investments   25,261,851   21,218,898   4,042,953  
Total   $ 730,676,170   $ 726,633,217   $ 4,042,953   $ —
(1) For the period ended March 31, 2023, there were no transfers in and out of Level 3.


Hartford HLS Series Fund II, Inc. (the "Company")
GLOSSARY: (abbreviations used in preceding Schedule of Investments) (Unaudited)

Other Abbreviations:
ETF Exchange-Traded Fund
REIT Real Estate Investment Trust


Hartford HLS Series Fund II, Inc. (the "Company")
 Notes to the Schedule of Investments
 March 31, 2023  (unaudited)

1. Investment Valuation and Fair Value Measurements:
  The net asset value per share (“NAV”) of each class of the Fund’s shares is determined as of the close of regular trading on the New York Stock Exchange (the "Exchange") (normally 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time) (the "NYSE Close") on each day that the Exchange is open ("Valuation Date"). If the Exchange is closed due to weather or other extraordinary circumstances on a day it would typically be open for business, the Fund may treat such day as a typical business day and accept purchase and redemption orders and calculate the Fund’s NAV in accordance with applicable law.
  For purposes of calculating the NAV of each class of the Fund, portfolio securities and other assets held in the Fund's portfolio for which market prices are readily available are valued at market value. Market value is generally determined on the basis of official close price or last reported trade price. If no trades were reported, market value is based on prices obtained from a quotation reporting system, established market makers (including evaluated prices), or independent pricing services. Pricing vendors may use matrix pricing or valuation models that utilize certain inputs and assumptions to derive values, including transaction data, credit quality information, general market conditions, news, and other factors and assumptions.
  With respect to the Fund's investments that do not have readily available market prices, the Company's Board of Directors (the "Board") has designated Hartford Funds Management Company, LLC (the "Investment Manager") as its valuation designee to perform fair valuations pursuant to Rule 2a-5 under the 1940 Act (the "Valuation Designee").
  If market prices are not readily available or are deemed unreliable, the Valuation Designee determines the fair value of the security or other instrument in good faith under policies and procedures approved by and under the supervision of the Board ("Valuation Procedures").
  The Valuation Designee has delegated the day-to-day responsibility for implementing the Valuation Procedures to the Valuation Committee. The Valuation Committee will consider all available relevant factors in determining an investment’s fair value. The Valuation Designee reports fair value matters to the Audit Committee of the Board.
  Prices of foreign equities that are principally traded on certain foreign markets will generally be adjusted daily pursuant to a fair value pricing service in order to reflect an adjustment for the factors occurring after the close of certain foreign markets but before the NYSE Close. Securities and other instruments that are primarily traded on foreign markets may trade on days that are not business days of the Fund. The value of the foreign securities or other instruments in which the Fund invests may change on days when a shareholder will not be able to purchase or redeem shares of the Fund.
  Fixed income investments (other than short-term obligations) and non-exchange traded derivatives held by the Fund are normally valued at prices supplied by independent pricing services in accordance with the Valuation Procedures. Short-term investments maturing in 60 days or less are generally valued at amortized cost, which approximates fair value.
  Exchange-traded derivatives, such as options, futures and options on futures, are valued at the last sale price determined by the exchange where such instruments principally trade as of the close of such exchange (“Exchange Close”). If a last sale price is not available, the value will be the mean of the most recently quoted bid and ask prices as of the Exchange Close. If a mean of the bid and ask prices cannot be calculated for the day, the value will be the most recently quoted bid price as of the Exchange Close. Over-the-counter derivatives are normally valued based on prices supplied by independent pricing services in accordance with the Valuation Procedures.
  Investments valued in currencies other than U.S. dollars are converted to U.S. dollars using the prevailing spot currency exchange rates obtained from independent pricing services for calculation of the NAV. As a result, the NAV of the Fund’s shares may be affected by changes in the value of currencies in relation to the U.S. dollar. The value of securities or other instruments traded in markets outside the United States or denominated in currencies other than the U.S. dollar may be affected significantly on a day that the Exchange is closed and the market value may change on days when an investor is not able to purchase or redeem shares of the Fund.
  Foreign currency contracts represent agreements to exchange currencies on specific future dates at predetermined rates. Foreign currency contracts are valued using foreign currency exchange rates and forward rates as provided by an independent pricing service on the Valuation Date.
  Shares of investment companies listed and traded on an exchange are valued in the same manner as any exchange-listed equity security. Investments in investment companies that are not listed or traded on an exchange ("Non-Traded Funds"), if any, are valued at the respective NAV of each Non-Traded Fund on the Valuation Date. Such Non-Traded Funds and listed investment companies may use fair value pricing as disclosed in their prospectuses.
  Financial instruments for which prices are not available from an independent pricing service may be valued using quotations obtained from one or more dealers that make markets in the respective financial instrument in accordance with the Valuation Procedures.


Hartford HLS Series Fund II, Inc. (the "Company")
 Notes to the Schedule of Investments – (continued)
 March 31, 2023  (unaudited)

  U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (“U.S. GAAP”) defines fair value as the price that the Fund would receive to sell an asset or pay to transfer a liability in an orderly transaction between market participants. The U.S. GAAP fair value measurement standards require disclosure of a fair value hierarchy for each major category of assets and liabilities. Various inputs are used in determining the fair value of the Fund’s investments. These inputs are summarized into three broad hierarchy levels. This hierarchy is based on whether the valuation inputs are observable or unobservable.
  These levels are:
Level 1 – Quoted prices in active markets for identical investments. Level 1 may include exchange-traded instruments, such as domestic equities, some foreign equities, options, futures, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, rights and warrants.
Level 2 – Observable inputs other than Level 1 prices, such as quoted prices for similar investments; quoted prices in markets that are not active; or other inputs that are observable or can be corroborated by observable market data. Level 2 may include debt investments that are traded less frequently than exchange-traded instruments and which are valued using independent pricing services; foreign equities, which are principally traded on certain foreign markets and are adjusted daily pursuant to a fair value pricing service in order to reflect an adjustment for the factors occurring after the close of certain foreign markets but before the NYSE Close; senior floating rate interests, which are valued using an aggregate of dealer bids; short-term investments, which are valued at amortized cost; and swaps, which are valued based upon the terms of each swap contract.
Level 3 – Significant unobservable inputs that are supported by limited or no market activity. Level 3 may include financial instruments whose values are determined using indicative market quotes or require significant management judgment or estimation. These unobservable valuation inputs may include estimates for current yields, maturity/duration, prepayment speed, and indicative market quotes for comparable investments along with other assumptions relating to credit quality, collateral value, complexity of the investment structure, general market conditions and liquidity. This category may include investments where trading has been halted or there are certain restrictions on trading. While these investments are priced using unobservable inputs, the valuation of these investments reflects the best available data and management believes the prices are a reasonable representation of exit price.
Valuation levels are not necessarily indicative of the risk associated with investing in such investments. Individual investments within any of the above mentioned asset classes may be assigned a different hierarchical level than those presented above, as individual circumstances dictate.
For additional information, refer to the Fair Value Summary and the Level 3 roll-forward reconciliation, if applicable, which follows the Fund’s Schedule of Investments.
The banking sector has recently been subject to increased market volatility. As a result, a Fund’s investments in the banking sector are subject to increased volatility risk. It is unknown whether such volatility will continue.
For information regarding the Fund’s other significant accounting policies, please refer to the Fund’s most recent shareholder report.