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Building Your Financial Wellness Program

Are you convinced that you need to offer financial wellness programs to your plan sponsor clients and prospects, but you’re not sure where to start? You’re not alone; 41% of DC specialist advisors we recently surveyed haven't chosen a financial wellness approach.1 Advisors see the demand for financial wellness increasing over the next five years. However, it’s confusing to know where to start because there are many ways to create a financial wellness program. We can help.

Choosing Your Financial Wellness Approach outlines different ways to tackle financial wellness and discusses how to choose the optimal one for your practice. You’ll understand the pros and cons and feel confident about choosing yours.


The five approaches to financial wellness

We collaborated with Ann Schleck & Co.’s research team to identify five approaches being used by DC specialist advisors.

  1. Align with Recordkeeper: Study recordkeepers’ financial wellness offerings and help plan sponsors use them by adding program design, success measures, and reporting. 
  2. Build Your Own Capabilities: Build your own program that offers plan-sponsor clients complete financial wellness.
  3. Help Plan Sponsors Find a Third Party: Help plan sponsors search for and assess third-party financial-wellness capabilities. 
  4. Outsource to One Third Party: Choose a third-party provider with whom to offer financial wellness for all clients.
  5. Avoid Financial Wellness: Not using financial wellness programs today. Will reconsider if they are worth the time and effort to implement ata later date.


How do you choose your method to financial wellness

Knowing the options is one thing. Choosing the right one for you can be more difficult. The decision flow chart provides questions that can help you choose the optimal approach for your practice.

click to enlarge


The benefits and challenges of each approach

After you’ve worked through the decision flowchart, you’ll have a good idea about what direction you want to go, but you’ll want more info about the pros on cons of what you’ve chosen. The brochure provides an overview that includes benefits and challenges of each approach, level of effort required, and tips on how to get started.

What are other advisors doing?

The diagram below identifies percentages of advisors surveyed that are using each approach.2

click to enlarge


Financial wellness is no longer a “nice to have” offering. Plan sponsors are demanding it. Not offering it could put your practice at a competitive disadvantage. Choose your game plan today to get started on your financial wellness offering.


Next Steps:

  1. Download Choosing Your Financial Wellness Approach today by entering your email below.
  2. Within one week, work through the decision flowchart on page 5 and choose what’s optimal for your practice.
  3. Review the profile for your optimal approach. They can be found on pages 12 - 21.
Have you chosen



1Your Role in Financial Wellness Webinar, Hartford Funds, 3/8/17.

2The Elephant in the Retirement Room—Financial Wellness Research, Ann Schleck & Co. and Hartford Funds, 2016

Hartford Funds has engaged Ann Schleck & Co. LLC to develop the materials referenced herein. Ann Schleck & Co. LLC is not an affiliate or subsidiary of Hartford Funds.