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Volatility Resource Center

Helping advisors navigate through market volatility

Managing Investor Anxiety


Fear, Finance & The High-Anxiety Client

MIT AgeLab offers insights about the effects of anxiety on your clients—especially their investment decisions.


Media Replay

Illustrate the market's ability to grow wealth despite recessions and bear markets to help clients avoid panic decisions when the next "crisis of the day" marks headlines.


Beyond Investment Illusions

Show common misconceptions about investing alongside the facts to help replace those "illusions" with investment reality.

Educate Clients

Client Conversations: Managing Risk in Your Fixed-Income Portfolio

Changes in the economy and interest rates can have a big impact on your fixed-income portfolio.

Client Conversations: Why Rising Rates Can Be Good For Your Portfolio

As interest rates rise, where can investors turn for growth?

Client Conversations: Don't Fear the (Market) Reaper

History shows that rather than giving in to fear, staying invested and buying stocks during volatile times can be beneficial in the long run.

Market Insights

Take Better Risk in International Equities

There are several potentially volatility-reducing tools that may make investors more comfortable increasing their international allocations.

Defensive Stocks: The Potential for Downside Mitigation May be Cheaper Than You Think

As the economic cycle matures, defensive sectors can not only help mitigate drawdowns, they may be more attractively priced than they’ve been in years.

Volatility Rocks the Boat, but Is There Still Wind in the Market’s Sails?

Recent market volatility shouldn’t be enough to threaten the economic cycle, but does it temper optimism about the return potential of risk assets?

Investment Options

Designed to offer growth potential without taking excessive risk

Seeks to provide high current income and long-term total return

Seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation

Seeks total return on an after-tax basis

Emphasizes investment-grade rated securities

Seeks a competitive total return with income as a secondary objective

Core bond investment that can provide diversification with a quality bias

"Financial Advisors must be prepared to actively address how their clients feel as well as how they invest. Client anxiety is at a record high and current events suggest that it will remain elevated or even increase."

- Dr. Joe Coughlin, Founder, MIT AgeLab


For more than a decade, we’ve partnered with the MIT AgeLab to uncover what investors are thinking about lifestyle trends, who they trust, and the future of retirement—all of which influence their decision-making process.

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MIT AgeLab is not an affiliate or subsidiary of Hartford Funds.