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MIT AgeLab Research

For more than a decade, we’ve partnered with the MIT AgeLab to uncover what investors are thinking about lifestyle trends, who they trust, and the future of retirement—all of which influence their decision-making process. Our advisor consultants can provide coaching to help you deepen relationships with clients by applying AgeLab research and tools to your practice.

Fear, Finance & The High Anxiety Client

MIT AgeLab explains how to identify signs of investment anxiety in your clients. Understand how stress, fear, and anxiety affect behavior, and steps you can take to help clients manage these emotions.

The Future of Advice

Education and longevity are raising the expectations for advice.

8,000 Days of Retirement

Help your clients navigate the four phases of an 8,000 day retirement.

Retiring the “Old Age” Story

Clients have been told a certain story of what aging should look like. And for a long time, they’ve bought into an “old age” story filled with leisure and relaxation. But what if clients’ thoughts about aging changed. What if one day, they woke up and realized things could change if they wanted them to? They didn’t have to live a vision of old age that was created years ago. Their later years could actually be anything that they want.

5 Ways Technology Will Change How You Age

A new array of devices and services is transforming retirement, making it easier for aging clients to work, stay healthy, live at home and remain connected to friends and family.

The Quality of Life

Ask three simple questions to help determine your clients’ future quality of life, serving as motivation for planning a satisfying retirement.

In Their Own Words

Learn what MIT AgeLab determined to be the seven advisor characteristics that are critically important to clients.

Engaging Across the Ages

Learn how to not only build relationships with Generation X and Generation Y—but also fine-tune your approach toward older and younger boomers as well.

How Will I Get an Ice Cream Cone?

Losing the ability to drive shouldn’t keep us from the meaningful things in life. Help clients explore transportation options when driving is no longer an option.

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Meet Dr. Joe Coughlin, founder and director of the MIT Agelab.

Read his blog, Disruptive Demographics, to join the discussion on global aging, technology, and innovation.

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