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Diversified, Advisor-Ready Portfolios

Model portfolios comprised of ETFs and institutional mutual funds

Hartford Funds’ wholly-owned subsidiary, Lattice Strategies, designs and manages a suite of multi-asset solutions based on its distinct risk-first investment approach.


Lattice Endowment Series—Multi-asset diversification seeks to balance growth potential with defensive assets

Lattice Liquid Endowment Series are designed and managed for resilience across a variety of market conditions, every endowment strategy can provide exposure to global equities, real assets, yield assets, market hedge assets, and alternatives strategies. These strategies are available in a range of risk-calibrated options from which to help anchor a diversified investment portfolio.

  • Global Equities
  • Real Assets
  • Yield Assets
  • Market Hedge Assets
  • Non-Directional Strategies

*Risk Calibration to MSCI All Country World Index (MSCI ACWI)

*Lattice endowment strategies are managed to correspond to a specific level of risk relative to global equities (as represented by the MSCI ACWI). For example, Lattice Endowment Strategy-Defensive targets a risk level of 50% of the risk of the MSCI ACWI. On the other end of the spectrum, Lattice Endowment Strategy–Growth is designed for 75% risk emulation. Risk is measured by calculating the average of relative volatility, relative Value at Risk (VaR), relative Estimated Tail Loss (ETL) and relative stressed downside capture. Volatility reflects the last three month of annualized standard deviation, VaR is 3-month value-at-risk with a 95% confidence level, ETL is expected tail loss when the VaR threshold is exceeded; and stress tests represent estimated impact on the model portfolio during a series of historical stress events. There can be no assurance that actual client results or the realized risk of any client portfolio will correspond to the various targeted relative risk levels indicated.

Liquid Alternatives Series—Designed for Resilience and Growth Potential

Lattice Liquid Alternatives Series offers fully integrated portfolios of liquid alternative strategies. The Strategies are designed to provide diversifying sources of returns, beta buffering, and long-term capital growth potential. Lattice offers investors two options for incorporating resilient defense and long-term capital growth potential in their portfolios.

  • Real Assets
  • Non-Directional Strategies
  • Directional Strategies

Diversified Income Series—For Dynamic Income

Lattice Diversified Income Strategies seek to provide risk-managed exposure to a broad range of income-producing securities. Their objective is to produce the level of portfolio income investors require but find increasingly out of reach in today’s low yield environment for core bonds.

  • Global Equities
  • Real Assets
  • Yield Assets
  • Market Hedge Assets
  • Non-Directional Strategies

Our Risk-First Approach: Designed For Resilience and Growth Potential

Lattice Multi-Asset Solutions seek to address a myriad of investment risks through integrated investment strategy design. The result is a thoughtful and sophisticated investment approach delivered to investors in a single portfolio.


Lattice’s investment process incorporates a 360-degree view of factors impacting performance and includes the following:


Risk-First Design where portfolios are managed to specific risk targets, that strive to provide confidence in outcomes through a variety of market environments


Multi-Asset Diversification using portfolio ‘building blocks’ that combine ETFs and liquid alternatives, that can help free financial advisors from the challenges of maintaining portfolios within established risk objectives and tracking individual managers


Dynamic Tactical Management that seeks to allocate opportunity and manage risks based on current market conditions and asset class valuations


Simple Managed Account Structure offers transparency and liquidity with daily pricing and visibility into all underlying portfolio holdings

"It is the behavior of the portfolio in totality, and not just the individual assets in it, that matters most. This necessitates a coherent portfolio approach where all decisions are recognized as inter-related and made in the context of the composite portfolio."

— Lattice’s Foundational Beliefs

About the Manager

As part of Hartford Funds, Lattice Strategies LLC is an investment adviser to a range of multi-asset strategies and exchange-traded funds. Since 2007, the team has operated on the fundamental belief that the disciplined and intentional allocation of risks is the most influential contributor to long-term growth potential of capital. The firm applies its risk-first framework toward a variety of investment solutions ranging from global multi-asset strategies to alternatives and exchange-traded funds.

For more information about Lattice Strategies please email us at

Important Disclosure: Separately managed accounts are provided by Lattice Strategies LLC, an SEC registered investment adviser and a wholly owned subsidiary of Hartford Funds Management Company, LLC ("Hartford Funds"), and are separate and distinct products from the Lattice ETFs. No offerings of securities are made through this page. Information and content on this page has not been reviewed nor approved by ALPS Distributors, Inc., the distributor of the Lattice ETFs. ALPS Distributors, Inc. is not affiliated with Lattice Strategies or Hartford Funds.

Explore our capabilities

Available exclusively through financial advisors, these investment strategies are designed to provide diversified and dynamically managed exposure to a variety of asset classes through portfolios of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and institutional mutual funds. Lattice’s risk-first investment solutions seek to address investors' demand for simple access to solutions that help address complex investment challenges.

Lattice Building Blocks
Lattice's strategies are constructed using distinct building blocks that integrate growth and total return assets with defensive assets. Some of the strategic models use all available building blocks, while others use more targeted ones.

  • Global Equities: Designed to be the growth engine of the portfolio, providing equity ownership of enterprises around the globe
  • Real Assets: Key tangible assets that seek to hedge against inflationary forces
  • Yield Assets: Income producing securities capable of contributing to total return
  • Market Hedge Assets: High-quality fixed-income securities and precious metals that can serve as a traditional refuge in turbulent conditions
  • Non-Directional Strategies: Actively managed alternative strategies providing a source of lower correlated returns to traditional assets
  • Directional Strategies: Actively managed alternative strategies that aim to provide lower volatility while participating directionally in equity market growth

This material is for informational purposes only and is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation of an offer to buy any securities or to participate in any strategy. Neither Lattice nor Hartford Funds provide legal or tax advice; please consult your own legal and tax advisers for information regarding the legal and tax consequences of any investment. Investors should consult with an investment advisor; investment decisions should be made based on the investor's specific financial needs and objectives, goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance.

A separately managed account may not be suitable for all investors. Separate accounts managed according to a strategy include a number of securities and will not necessarily track the performance of any index. Please consider the investment objectives, risks and fees of a strategy before investing. A minimum asset level is required. For important information about the investment manager, please refer to the Form ADV Part 2.