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Continuing Education

Fulfill Your CE Credits With Timely Courses

Hartford Funds offers a variety of continuing education courses for financial professionals approved for CPE, CFP, and CIMA credit that can be delivered in-person or via live webinar events and conference calls.

To view our upcoming webinars that offer continuing education, visit our events page.

The Quality of Life

According to Dr. Joe Coughlin, founder and director of MIT Age Lab, clients’ biggest fear may be outliving their wealth in retirement, but there’s an even greater risk of:

  • Not being able to age in their home
  • Not having access to the things they enjoy
  • Loneliness and isolation due to a shrinking social network

Planning for these risks is an integral part of preparing to live longer, better. Learn three simple questions that integrate these issues into a holistic planning discussion and can help make planning for the future more manageable.

Credit hours: 1 CFP, 1 CIMA, or 1 CPE

8,000 Days: An Entire Phase of Life Waiting to be Invented

Today, a college-educated person with a comfortable income is likely to live into their 80s. A life this long can be divided into four periods, averaging roughly 8,000 days each. The period from birth to college graduation is approximately 8,000 days. College graduation to midlife is another 8,000 days. Midlife to retirement age is also 8,000 days. After that, there’s generally another 8,000 days for retirement. Retirement planning doesn’t exactly take into account the realities of an 8,000-day retirement; a script hasn’t been written for that final, but still lengthy, phase. Learn MIT AgeLab’s insights to help investors reduce uncertainty and prolong their independence by preparing for an 8,000-day retirement.

Credit hours: 1 CFP, 1 CIMA, or 1 CPE

5 Ways Technology Will Change the Way You Age

For the next generation of retirees, one question will trump all others: How do you add life to longer lives? As people live longer, and spend more time in retirement, the challenge will be to get more out of those years. How do you find a rewarding second career? How do you stay close with friends and family? How do you maintain independence and mobility? How do you embrace new experiences? The answer: technology. With the advent of smartphones and constant connectedness, a new peer-to-peer, on-demand economy has emerged. With a simple swipe or tap of an app, information and services are available at our fingertips.

Credits: 1 CFP, 1 CIMA, or 1 CPE

Social Security: Unlocking Its Potential

Americans depend on Social Security more than just about any other federal program, but there's considerable confusion about how it actually works. This can lead individuals to claim benefits early, which can significantly reduce them. Help your clients protect themselves against the pitfalls by educating them about the available options—and implications—for taking Social Security benefts.

Credit hours: 1 CFP, 1 CIMA, or 1 CPE

Engaging Across the Ages 

For years, advisors have focused mainly on serving baby boomers, but you could be missing a huge opportunity as demographics shift. Learn how to not only build relationships with Generation X and Generation Y—but also fine-tune your approach toward older and younger boomers by understanding a client’s generational experience, expectations, and their preferred mode of engagement.

Credit hours: 1 CFP, 1 CIMA, or 1 CPE

IRA Distribution Planning

Each client may have a different strategy for receiving IRA distributions based on their individual needs. But before they begin taking IRA distributions, they’ll need to make decisions about how to use savings they've accumulated—and when. This course explains how to choose an appropriate distribution plan, as well as income distribution methods and other factors that come into play; structuring inherited IRAs, and types of beneficiary designations.

Credit hours: 1 CFP, 1 CIMA, or 1 CPE

Investing Your Way

Women are more financially independent than ever before, resulting in several reasons to be optimistic about their future. But while they may share financial goals similar to men’s, women need to approach investing differently—so their journey toward those goals takes a different route. Strengthen relationships with women clients by addressing, and meeting, investment challenges and concerns from their perspective.

Credit hours: 1 CFP, 1 CIMA, or 1 CPE

Fear, Finance & the High-Anxiety Client 

Market corrections, alarming headlines, and bear markets can contribute to client anxiety. As a result, investors may abandon their financial strategies altogether simply in an effort to avoid losses. Research from The MIT AgeLab illustrates the effects of stress, anxiety, and multiple crises on investor decision making, and the steps advisors can take to effectively reassure and re-engage anxious clients.

Credit hours: 1 CFP, 1 CIMA, or 1 CPE

529 PLANS: A SMART Way to Save

This course discusses the various investment alternatives available to help fund the soaring costs of a college education. Understand the features and benefits of 529 savings plans, so you can guide clients who wish to make a contribution to the higher education of a loved one.

Credit hours: 1 CFP, 1 CIMA, or 1 CPE

Think Function, Not Form

This presentation uses research from Wellington Management Company, LLP, to convey a framework that helps advisors understand asset-class behavior under various economic environments, so they can develop balanced asset allocation strategies for their clients.

Credits: 1 CFP, 1 CIMA, or 1 CPE

For more information regarding continuing education courses and credit hours, please contact Jan Marek by calling 610-386-4070, or via email at

Interested in learning more? Send us your email.

Hartford Funds Distributors, LLC, member, FINRA, is the provider of CPE, CFP, and CIMA continuing education credits.