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Beyond Fashion and Finance: How to Host a Successful Women-Only Client Event

Women investors are underserved1 by financial advisors, yet stand to manage trillions of dollars in coming years2,3 and are the fastest growing demographic of potential clients. One of the best ways to leverage this opportunity and market specifically to women clients is to host events exclusively for them.

In general, events and seminars build better relationships and enhance your credibility because they provide an opportunity to interact with clients one-on-one. But why host a women-only event? For one thing, women tend to prefer learning about financial matters in person and in groups with their peers or others in similar situations. And by asking them to bring along a trusted friend or close female relative, you increase your prospect base in this important demographic.

In addition, it’s easy to keep exclusive events intimate and manageable. If you invite a mix of about 12 existing clients and prospects and their guests, you’ll leave yourself time to talk and interact with each attendee. This can help you maintain and improve your existing relationships while showing prospects the level of attention and time you spend with your clients.

To host a successful event for women, you can present on a woman-centric topic, such as our “Investing Your Way” presentation. However, you don’t have to limit yourself to women-only topics, and in fact, clichés such as “fashion and finance” may not resonate. Every client wants personalized information that applies to their life, and broadly speaking, men and women have similar financial goals. You can discuss a topic as broad a quality of life in retirement or coping with investment anxiety, just be sure you tailor the message so it connects with your audience.

On that note, you don’t have to be a woman advisor to be a credible speaker to a female audience. Men can deliver an impactful message on the challenges and opportunities women face as investors, and can point to examples and experience from wives, mothers, and sisters to drive the message home. No matter who is delivering the presentation, having relevant and meaningful content is what matters and what will gain trust from clients and prospects.

Finally, as with all client events, use common sense when planning. Be logical about your timing based on your attendee list. For example, breakfast or lunch events are more suitable for retirees who have more flexible schedules, while dinner or evening events make more sense for clients who are still in the workforce. And raffles, prizes, and giveaways, if allowed by your firm, are great for participation, no matter the gender of your audience.

If you’d like to learn more about hosting a women-only client event, contact your Hartford Funds AC to get started. You can also get up to speed on the growing opportunity to serve women investors by watching the replay of our webinar and subscribing to email updates for “Women Investors: A $22 Trillion Opportunity.”

A webinar snippet is below; please click on the blue bar below it to access the full replay.



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