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From Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson

Pandemic risks, persisting inflation pressures, and levels of growth and policy support are driving the economic outlook.
After more than a year of virtual presentations, both you and your clients may be eager to ditch the screen for live interactions. But your live presentation skills may be a bit rusty. This webinar can help you freshen up your live presentation skills so you can deliver a remarkable client experience.
As the market frets about the possibility of higher inflation and lower growth, join us to hear CNBC’s Ron Insana host industry experts from Wellington Management and Schroders to discuss: Will rising inflation cause the Fed to act before the market expects? Do falling bond yields signal that growth will fall off a cliff? Could rising corporate and personal taxes derail the economic recovery?
Help your clients understand the factors that can impact their Social Security payments and maximize future income. Join us to learn how to answer three common questions around, timing, work and taxes.
Emerging-markets inflation is close to its peak level for 2021, but it probably won't last long. A “disinflationary” trend is likely to follow in the latter part of the year.
Join Nanette as she discusses fixed-income opportunities, inflation pressures, and international investing in the second half of 2021.
Global Investment Strategy
Midyear Outlook: Inflation Is Here: How Long, How Strong? 7/7/2021
As we approach the second half of the year, how might vaccine progress, policy support, and continuing inflation pressures impact investors?
Global Investment Strategy
How “Sticky” Will Higher Inflation Be? 5/7/2021
Higher inflation is likely in the period ahead, but it may have a longer-than-expected tail before normalizing.
As the country begins to reopen at a faster pace, join us to hear CNBC’s Ron Insana host industry experts from Wellington Management and Schroders to discuss: Will rising bond yields lead to continued volatility or is the worst behind us? Will massive stimulus and a huge infrastructure bill ignite inflation? Could rising corporate and personal taxes derail the economic recovery?
As the economy continues to recover, join Nanette as she discusses rotations from domestic to international and growth to value, the pandemic's impact on markets, inflation pressures, and more.
Global Investment Strategy
2Q Outlook: The Road to Recovery: Strong but Short? 3/26/2021
As the economy continues to recover, Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson discusses encouraging growth, the pandemic's impact on markets, inflation pressures, and more.
Global Investment Strategy
Rate Repricing: More To Come? 3/8/2021
Despite the recent rate volatility, rates have been adjusting to prospects for better growth and higher inflation for months now.
Global Investment Strategy
A Little Perspective on Crowdsourced Market Mania 2/9/2021
A group of investors decided to purchase stocks and call options on a select group of stocks in an effort to drive their prices higher—and they succeeded in the short term.
As we head into 2021, encouraging vaccine data, policy support, and gradually reopening economies are making markets optimistic. Join us to hear Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson discuss her outlook for three great rotations.
Nanette discusses the continuing impact of the coronavirus on markets and where she sees opportunity over the next 12 months.

Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson

Managing Director and Multi-Asset Strategist at Wellington Management Company LLP and Global Investment Strategist for Hartford Funds

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