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Client Seminars

The Times They Are A-Changin'

Are the issues we’re facing today really that unprecedented? This client brochure and presentation step back to provide historical perspective for investors.

Your Money Story

Understanding their unique history with money can help clients make better financial decisions

Maintaining Perspective in Uncertain Times

A historical view of crises can help clients make rational investment decisions, even when it feels like the world is falling apart

5 Ways Tech Can Make Social Distancing Easier

Social distancing has impacted our access to the people, places, and things we need and enjoy. But technology provides ways to help us cope with the challenges and stay safe.

8,000 Days of Retirement

As lifespans continue to rise, retirement could be as long as 20 years—approximately 8,000 days. Help clients navigate what’s no longer an end but a new, complex stage of life.

Retiring the “Old Age” Story

In the traditional story of old age, a leisure-filled retirement is everyone’s happily ever after. But some find that story to be boring. They’re not ready to retire and relax—they want something more. Help your clients create their own version of the story and live a satisfying retirement.

The Quality of Life

Three simple questions can help determine your clients’ future quality of life, and serve as a practical, thought-provoking starting point for planning a satisfying retirement

Beyond Investment Illusions

Show common misconceptions about investing alongside the facts to help replace those “illusions” with investment reality.

Back From the Future

Annie Duke, decision strategist and former poker pro, combines her experience as a professional poker player with some of the most advanced thinking on decision-making that integrates psychology, economics, and neuroscience.

Creating a Shared Retirement Vision

For many couples, the transition to the next phase of life—retirement or an empty nest— is everything they’d hoped for. But the next chapter can be a rude awakening when retirement expectations aren’t shared, and they end up being very different. Learn how clients can start the discussion ahead of time to help ensure their own smooth transition.

Media Replay

A steady stream of dismal news can make investors want to cling to their money instead of growing it. Show them the market’s past resilience to help them avoid panic decisions when a "crisis du jour" makes headlines.

5 Ways Technology Will Change How You Age

A new array of devices and services is transforming retirement, making it easier for aging clients to work, stay healthy, live at home and remain connected to friends and family.

Social Security: Unlock Its Potential

Clients and prospects may be unaware that three critical factors can negatively impact their Social Security benefits. Educate them ahead of time to help them avoid being caught by surprise, when it’s too late to make changes.