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Accidental Sabotage

How advisors unknowingly damage relationships with women investors—and what to do instead

Eighty-seven percent of advisors grade themselves “A” or "B" in understanding women1, yet 66% of women who have an advisor are dissatisfied with their experience—compared to only 10% of men.2 But if advisors are meeting requirements like creating solid financial plans and helping clients meet their financial goals, why the discrepancy?

Many advisors may not realize that the language and tone they’re using in their interactions with female clients and prospects can be counterproductive or off-putting. Approaches that seem like the “right” ones could be damaging relationships with this powerful demographic.

Accidental Sabotage identifies commonly-used approaches, how they may be perceived women investors, and what to try instead. The result: You'll find that you're connecting with women and building trust faster. 


  • Four common missteps advisors make when first meeting women prospects
  • Why targeting "women" as a whole doesn't work
  • How to use open-ended questions for more productive conversations

Next Steps:

  1. Download the workbook below
  2. Go to page 10 learn how to introduce your business self and your personal self using your "perfect pitch"



1 Reaching and Retaining the Female Investor: Closing the Gender Gap of Advice, us.spdrs.com, 1/31/19
2 Executive women aren’t getting advice they need, investmentnews.com, 7/23/17, most recent data available
3 Women now control more than half of U.S. personal wealth, which 'will only increase in years to come‘, 4/7/15, most recent data available