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Investing from a Woman's Perspective

Investing Your Way

An increasing number of wives are out-earning their husbands, but women often must take a time-out from working, resulting in reduced savings.1,2  To further complicate things, women often outlive men, so their money needs to last longer.3  While men and women often have similar financial goals, they often need to approach investing differently, so their journey toward those goals can take a different route. You can build and strengthen relationships with female clients by recognizing the challenges they face and educating them about their options. 


  • Women stand to manage trillions of dollars in the coming years and are the fastest-growing demographic of potential clients
  • When it comes to financial advice, women prefer a person telling them in a clear, relevant, and even fun manner, rather than simply reading about it4
  • It’s estimated that by 2018, 1/3 of new U.S. jobs will be generated by female-owned companies5

The Unique Challenges Women Face

Steve Parnell, Strategic Business Manager, explains reasons why women, especially, need to be thoroughly prepared for retirement.

Next Steps

  1. Download the Investing Your Way client workbook
  2. Contact your Hartford Funds Advisor Consultant about hosting a women-only event
  3. Want to learn how to apply these insights to your practice? Send us your email.

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