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How to Help Clients Start the Investing Conversation With Their 20-Something Kids

September 16, 2020 

When talking money with kids, it’s all about how parents begin the conversation


Time: The Secret Weapon of Investing

What a one-time investment of $1,000 can look like over time


Source: Investor.gov Compound Interest Calculator, The chart above is for illustrative purposes only. Assumes a hypothetical 10% return average annual return on investment compounded monthly and does not take into account taxes, transaction costs, or market declines, For illustrative purposes only. The illustration doesn’t represent any particular investment, nor does it account for inflation.

Many recent college grads, even those whose parents work with financial professionals, haven’t begun investing. On average, in fact, American workers don’t start investing for retirement until age 31.1 That’s a problem since each year they’re not investing is a missed opportunity for financial growth. But talking about investing can be a touchy subject for parents and their children, as different generations often have a different sense of money values.

You can help by sharing a client article on this topic. Parents will find helpful discussion starters (and non-starters) to encourage their grown children to begin investing, even when their children are convinced that they’re not in a position to do so. Your clients may even refer them to you, meaning you can build relationships with the entire family. You’ll also be perceived as a financial professional who not only cares about the financial wellness of your clients, but also the wellness of those who matter to them the most.

Next Steps

  1. Share a client version of this web page with clients by email, by posting a link of the client version to social media*
  2. Download or order the client piece below
  3. This week, when having calls or virtual meetings with clients with 20-something kids, ask if their kids have started investing. If not, let them know that you have some tips that could help.

*Prior to posting articles on social media, please consult with your firm’s legal and compliance teams, social media policy, and required participation in social media programs.


1America’s Retirement Voice Reveals How Much It Costs to Delay Retirement, Nationwide, 1/7/19