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Help Clients Make the Most of Their Social Security Benefits

Social Security: Unlock Its Potential

Social Security was originally designed to supplement employer-sponsored plans and other savings, not to be retirees’ sole source of income. Yet 44% percent of older Americans who are retired, or plan to retire within 10 years, see Social Security as their main source of retirement income.But benefits are more modest than people realize: Social Security benefits only replace about 38% of past earnings, and that figure will continue to decline.Knowing the factors that can negatively impact Social Security benefits can help clients avoid being caught by surprise, when it’s too late to make changes.

  • How confusion about Social Security can lead clients to claim benefits early, which can result in significantly lower benefits
  • Why certain income options, tax treatment of benefits, or continuing to work may also lower benefits
  • How to help clients maximize their Social Security benefits and integrate them into their overall portfolio 

Next Steps

  1. Download or order the worksheet below
  2. Identify clients in your book of business who are age 50-60
  3. Contact your Hartford Funds Advisor Consultant about hosting a client education event

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