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Investor Behavior

As markets soar and plunge, emotions can tempt investors to buy and sell funds at the wrong times, which can have disastrous results. Use these tools to educate and entertain clients about the impact that impulsive decisions can have on their investments and the importance of focusing on the long-term.

Back From the Future

Annie Duke, decision strategist and former poker pro, combines her experience as a professional poker player with some of the most advanced thinking on decision-making that integrates psychology, economics, and neuroscience.

Accidental Sabotage: Advisor Resources

Approaches that seem like the “right” ones could be damaging relationships with women clients. Learn how many advisors unknowingly sabotage their relationships, and what to do instead.

Media Replay

Illustrate the market's ability to grow wealth despite recessions and bear markets to help clients avoid panic decisions when the next "crisis of the day" makes headlines.

In Their Own Words

Learn what MIT AgeLab determined to be the seven advisor characteristics that are critically important to clients.

Beyond Investment Illusions

Show common misconceptions about investing alongside the facts to help replace those “illusions” with investment reality.

Engaging Across the Ages

Learn how to not only build relationships with Generation X and Generation Y—but also fine-tune your approach toward older and younger boomers as well.

Investing Your Way

Address the financial challenges that women face and help them build the future they envision.

Fear, Finance & The High Anxiety Client

MIT AgeLab explains how to identify signs of investment anxiety in your clients. Understand how stress, fear, and anxiety affect behavior, and steps you can take to help clients manage these emotions.

The presentations above have been reviewed by FINRA and cannot be altered in any way. Hartford Funds assumes no responsibility for the addition or deletion of slide content. Prior to using this presentation, please check to make sure it is approved for use by your firm.