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Core Fixed Income and the Pursuit of Alpha

August 2019 

A changing fixed-income landscape may call for a specialized approach to core fixed income as managers seek alpha, the excess return over benchmarks.

Joseph F. Marvan, CFA
Senior Managing Director, Fixed-Income Portfolio Manager
Campe Goodman, CFA
Senior Managing Director, Fixed-Income Portfolio Manager
Robert D. Burn, CFA
Managing Director, Fixed-Income Portfolio Manager


Relative safety versus equities is the cornerstone of fixed-income investing. But, beyond performance, do your core fixed-income investments adequately dampen volatility and complement equities? Are they the best options if the market environment becomes more challenging going forward?

Important Risks: Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.


Alpha is a measure of the performance of a portfolio after adjusting for risk. Alpha is calculated by comparing the volatility of the portfolio and comparing it to some benchmark. The alpha is the excess return of the portfolio over the benchmark.

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