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Listed Equities: Aiming to Fill a Void in the Impact Ecosystem

March 2019 
By Eric Rice, PhD and Quyen Tran of Wellington Management

The growth in public-market impact funds is a necessary step toward democratizing impact investing and increasing the capital available.

Eric Rice, PhD
Portfolio Manager for Hartford Global Impact Fund

Eric is the architect of Wellington Management’s social impact strategy. He manages Hartford Global Impact Fund and is a thought leader for the development of social impact and other thematic investment ideas that support the firm’s portfolio managers and analysts.

Quyen Tran
Sustainable Investment Strategist, Wellington Management

Quyen partners with industry practitioners, academia, and other organizations to develop thought leadership and strategy on impact investing and measurement. She has provided strategic guidance for the development of Wellington’s Global Impact strategy and serves investment teams in a consultative role.


Impact investing harnesses the power of finance in an effort to address the world’s most challenging problems, including:

  • Providing clean water, affordable housing, and healthcare;
  • Facilitating sustainable agriculture and nutrition;
  • Offering access to education, financial services, and the Internet; and
  • Promoting clean energy and resource efficiency.

Addressing such issues on a global scale is recognized by many as being vital to our future, yet it has long proven intractable for public and philanthropic institutions to solve these problems alone. This is due in part to a lack of available capital. We believe that tackling these problems will require the involvement of the entire impact investing ecosystem, from angel investors to private equity and public market participants. The nascent growth in public-market impact funds is, in our view, a necessary step toward democratizing impact investing and increasing the capital available.

Important Risks: Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.

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