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My Multifactor Mom

June 2020 
By Ted Lucas, Head of Investment Strategies and Solutions for Hartford Funds

By identifying and combining academically and historically backed factors, we believe we can design a more attractive portfolio than just buying the market.

Ted Lucas
Head of Investment Strategies and Solutions


During my last visit home, I did as any grateful son would do: In addition to sharing time and catching up with my mom, I also gladly agreed to review recent account statements from her advisor. As we sat at the kitchen table, I noted that she’d done quite well given the relatively conservative build of the portfolio. In previous years, she’d earned a compound return in the double digits per year, and the portfolio’s value had been remarkably stable given relatively limited market volatility during the period.

Mom asked me if she should expect the same looking forward. I responded that this was, unfortunately, unlikely, and explained what I see as today’s investment realities. This led to a deeper discussion about what she should do going forward, and how I manage my own family’s finances. Of course, I told her I eat our own cooking. 

When I mentioned that I invest in our own multifactor ETFs, however, the blank stare that ensued told me that the concept of multifactor investing wasn’t resonating with mom. She asked me to elaborate. 

1 This example is provided for informational purposes only and is one investor’s results. It is not indicative of any other investor’s experience in the past or the future. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.


Important Risks: Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.

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