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All Aboard the Podcast Train

February 2020 

Discover popular audio programs available for financial pros to take on the go.

Podcasts have become essential companions for many on their daily commutes, while working out, and as they fall asleep. With so many tuning in, you may feel you’re the only person not listening. Here’s a quick primer.


What are they?

Podcasts are episodic audio programs covering a wide range of topics. Think of them as on-demand radio shows. Almost all are free to stream or download.

Originally so named because they were downloaded onto Apple iPods, podcasts are now found on nearly every internet-connected device. Despite being available on smartphones, tablet computers, and smart speakers, the pod name stuck.


A quick history

A halfway decent microphone and inexpensive software is all someone needs to create a podcast. This low barrier to entry allows for diverse programming. Topics covering many interests and hobbies can now be discussed in-depth by nonprofessional and professional podcasters alike.

Today, those who are looking for financially focused programs have access to more than ever (See “15 Podcasts to Get FAs Started” below). Often produced specifically to address industry interests and concerns, these shows continue a trend of specialized content that can only be found in podcasts.


How to listen in 3 steps

  1. You can listen to podcasts on your computer at most providers’ websites, but most consumers listen to podcasts through their smart devices. A podcatcher is an app you use to search, select, stream, and store your favorite programs. You could opt for the one on your smart device (think Apple Podcasts on an Apple iPhone or iPad) or you could download a third-party one (required for Androids because there’s not one preloaded).
  2. After you’ve selected a podcatcher, set up an account and start subscribing to shows that interest you. New episodes will automatically appear for you to stream (with cellular data or Wi-Fi) or download (for listening on the go) on your device as they become available.
  3. With a Bluetooth connection to a speaker, your car’s audio system, or a pair of headphones, you’ll be ready to join in the fun. You certainly won’t be alone (FIGURE 1).


Figure 1

Everyone Is Listening to Podcasts


A good place to start

Want a recommendation for your listening list? Subscribe to Hartford Funds’ “Human-centric investing Podcast.” This monthly show, regularly hosted by John Diehl, Sr. VP of Strategic Markets at Hartford Funds, features conversations that go beyond asset management into the human side of investing.

Diehl and his guests often tackle topics including:

Search for “Human-centric investing Podcast” and subscribe. It just may be the first podcast you won’t be able to go anywhere without.

To learn more, visit hartfordfunds.com/podcast and talk to your advisor consultant. 

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The material is provided for educational purposes only.

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