Hartford World Bond Fund Performance Attribution Since Inception (%) (05/31/2011-12/31/16)
Fund Performance Attribution Components 2011 Q3 & Q4 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Since Inception
Interest Rates 6.28 3.97 -1.40 3.85 0.43 0.75 2.36
Currency -1.84 4.51 0.84 -0.95 -0.21 0.19 0.45
Credit 0.15
1.16 1.07 0.88 0.31 1.77 0.94
Total 4.60 9.64 0.50 3.78 0.53 2.71 3.74

Interest Rate contribution includes Global Government Core Exposure Allocation Rates, Discretionary Macro (Macro), GRV (Country Rotation), and ELD strategies

Currency contribution includes Core Foreign-Exchange (FX) Exposure, Cash, and FX overlay strategies (FX overlay strategy ceased operation in 3Q12)

Credit contribution includes Securitized, Global Investment-Grade Credit, and Global High Yield strategies

Data provided reflects Wellington Management's proprietary attribution methodology which utilizes industry recognized approaches as a basis to alpha deconstruction, but may vary from industry peer methodology. Attribution analysis is based upon Fund and benchmark holdings as of the end of each trading day. Attribution analysis is not precise and should not be considered to be an approximation of the relative contribution of returns, but may be helpful to understand contributors and detractors relative to the Fund’s benchmark. Attribution Total Return is calculated based on daily holding periods and excludes all fund expenses and trading costs and will differ from the actual returns of the Fund.