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Finding Affluent Prospects using LinkedIn

The best way to gain affluent clients is through personal introductions. Are you using LinkedIn to find affluent introduction targets?

LinkedIn makes it easy with the following two approaches:

  1. The “Connection’s Connection” search is shown as search “A” in the diagram below. First, find one of your clients on LinkedIn. This client should be an advocate of yours and enjoy connecting you with others. Go to their profile and click on their connections, indicated by a blue number on the lower right side of their profile. If your client is connected to a colleague or someone they serve with on a board, call your client and mention that you noticed they were connected to Jerry Prospect on LinkedIn.

    Take the next step off-line; get introduced to Jerry in-person. DON’T use LinkedIn’s introduction button; it’s too impersonal. Ask your client how well they know Jerry. If they know him fairly well, ask to be introduced over lunch or drinks. It’s that simple. Don’t overcomplicate it.

  2. The “Advanced Search” “B” is much broader. Use LinkedIn’s “advanced search” feature to search all of your connections. In the advanced search field, enter search terms such as location, keywords, title, industry and more, to find ideal introduction targets. For example, you might search for dentists living within a 10-mile radius of your office. You’ll uncover a number of them and you’ll be able to see how you’re connected. Much like the Connection’s Connection search, contact your mutual connection and ask for an introduction to this dentist.


Sourcing Names on LinkedIn

Connection's Connection Search


Advanced Search


While this article doesn't share all the details of LinkedIn's advanced search capabilities, hopefully you can see LInkedIn's potential to find affluent prospects. For a deeper dive on LinkedIn marketing, check out Kevin Nichols and Matt Oechsli’s book The Indispensable LinkedIn Sales Guide for Financial Advisors. To learn more about mastering affluent client acquisition, visit The Affluent Mindset.


How to find affluent prospects on LinkedIn

Matt Oechsli and Stephen Boswell, from the Oechsli Institute, provide tips on finding affluent prospects on LinkedIn.


 The Oecshli Institute is not an affiliate or subsidiary of Hartford Funds.