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Significantly Grow Your Practice by Focusing on One or Two Things You Already Know How to Do

February 8,2021

Use the Pillar System to accomplish—and possibly exceed—your business goals.

Do you have ambitious goals for your practice but lack confidence or a solid strategy? Productivity Giant’s Brian Margolis says there’s no need to doubt, because you’re actually closer to your goals than you think. Just by ramping up one or two things you already do well, which he calls the pillars of your business, you can propel your business forward.  


Identify and Make Habits Out of Pillars

To identify your pillars, start by asking yourself this question: “What are one or two things that I already know how to do, that if I did more of, or more consistently, would have the biggest impact on my business?”

Here are ideas from other financial professionals:

  • Hold better meetings
  • Quicker follow-ups
  • Make more non-sales touches
  • Implement additional value add

Make sure whatever you pick meets all six criteria of a pillar.


What’s A Pillar Made Of?

Each pillar must:

  1. Be proactive/significant for your business.
  2. Be an activity that you control and are accountable for.
  3. Be measurable on a weekly basis—not daily or monthly.
  4. Include a skill you already know how to do.
  5. Not be a habit you’ve already formed, because by definition, you don’t have to focus much mental energy on it.
  6. Incorporate high-leverage activities that will have a significant impact on your business.

Once you have a few ideas, rank them in order of impact. Then get to work.


Implement Your Pillars and Hone Your Time-management Strengths

At the end of the first week, ask yourself if your pillars are moving your business in the right direction. If they are, now your goal is to turn them into habits and build an accountability program to keep at it. If they aren’t, go back and make sure you’ve identified the correct ones.

We’ve created a worksheet, Four Steps to Identify & Execute Your Pillars, to help you work through the process. Be sure to reach out to your Hartford Funds advisor consultant. He or she can not only serve as a source of information for you about the pillars system, but can also keep you on track.


Pillars Execution Worksheet

You and your Hartford Funds Advisor Consultant can use this coaching tool to help you stay on track and put you in the best possible position to succeed.

If you’d like more time-management tips, view the replay of our webinar, “Overcoming the Bottleneck in Your Business,” and download our presentation and worksheet.

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Brian Margolis and Productivity Giant are not affiliates or subsidiaries of Hartford Funds.