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The Advisor’s Guide to Personal Branding

February 2019 
by Jill T. Slomski

It may be difficult to convey why someone should choose you over another advisor. Explaining what makes you unique can feel uncomfortable or disingenuous, or you may even struggle to identify these characteristics.

However, to build your business effectively, you must be able to identify your strengths to differentiate yourself and clearly communicate your value to potential clients. Follow this simple outline to create a message that will resonate with those people you want to serve.


Identifying Your Strengths.

It can be helpful to conduct a “strength identification” exercise. If you haven’t done one before, you may be surprised by the feedback you receive.

  1. Ask five people—preferably a colleague, family member, client, referral source, and friend—for a list of your strengths. Explain that you are working on your business and would like their input. Make the request either in person or by phone, and remember to provide a deadline.
  2. When you receive your lists, first absorb the characteristics that they see in you. Let these statements build your confidence, and reflect on the ways you have exhibited these strengths. Next, look for similar words or phrases used across the feedback. These are the attributes that you consistently demonstrate in all of your relationships, and the ones you should focus on.


Communicating Your Value.

These words and phrases have the power to attract new clients and referrals. Consider how to use them in conversation, for a bio, and as a promotional tool.

  1. Using the words of others to communicate your value is often easier than self-promotional lines, and will resonate more with people. When you are engaging with someone, imagine how impactful it would be to say, “When my clients tell me that I make difficult things easy to understand and now they’re more financially confident, it makes me feel wonderful!”
  2. Combining feedback from this exercise with your personal mission statement and history of results can also strengthen your website bio, social media profiles, and print promotions. Feel free to add interests outside of your business to appear even more approachable.

Communicating your value shouldn't come in the form of a canned speech, a generic description, or awkward self-aggrandizement. Knowing and explaining your strengths and what others find valuable in you will make it easier to promote yourself and attract new business in an honest, comfortable way.

Jill T. Slomski
MBA President of Niche Team, LLC

Jill T. Slomski, President of Niche Team, LLC, has over twenty-five years of experience helping people achieve exceptional results. Specializing in the areas of Personal Branding, Marketing, Team Building, and Human Resources, Jill has served as a catalyst for dynamic change within her clients’ careers. Those clients are top-performers in the fields of Finance, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Government. Jill is a sought-after speaker whose topics have included Personal Branding, Confidence to Succeed, Reducing Hesitancy with the Affluent Client, and Branding Your Branch. Most recently, her audiences have included attendees of The Drucker Conference, WHOW and Mini-WHOW Conferences, Diversity Summits, and Regional Meetings.

Using her proven processes, Jill coaches Financial Advisors, many from Edward Jones and Raymond James, by assisting in identifying and creating strategies to accomplish their goals. In addition to coaching and speaking, Jill has been a contributing writer for FA Magazine.

Prior to launching Niche Team, LLC full time, Jill served as an Educational Director for an organization which supported the nation’s healthcare system. In that role, she created programming, trained speakers, and coordinated and moderated conferences throughout the East Coast and the Caribbean. Jill also held professorships at regional universities for over twenty years.

A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Jill attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Education with a minor in Educational Psychology and went on to earn an MBA from Gannon University.

Jill Slomski and Niche Team, LLC, are not affiliates or subsidiaries of Hartford Funds.

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