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  • Media Replay Client Brochure

  • 2/23/2021| Client pdf
  • This brochure can help investors view short-term fears from a long-term perspective, and look past the latest "crisis" to become more disciplined investors.

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  • The Cortisol Effect

  • 4/30/2020
  • How to Help Prevent Your Inner Alarm System From Hurting Your Investment Results

  • The Price of Panic

  • 5/5/2021
  • Help clients avoid costly, panic-driven investment decisions during a crisis and remain focused on the long term.

  • Media Replay

  • 2/7/2018
  • A steady stream of dismal news can make investors want to cling to their money instead of growing it. Show them the market’s past resilience to help them avoid panic decisions when a "crisis du jour" makes headlines.