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Market Takeaways from Hartford Funds: Is Your Investment Style Determined by Your DNA?
Were you born with a preference for growth or value? If so, what are the implications for your portfolio?

Bank Loans

Bank Loans: Opportunities Outside the US
Learn more about current opportunities for bank loans, and why the portfolio manager for Floating Rate Fund and Floating Rate High Income Fund has a positive outlook for this sector.


International Opportunities: Look to Japan and Europe
Quarterly Positioning Update from the Portfolio Managers of Hartford International Opportunities Fund.


Hartford World Bond Fund Positioning & Outlook
This flyer provides Wellington Management's market commentary, and their positioning and outlook for the Hartford World Bond Fund.

A Different Perspective

Hartford Funds offers a different investment perspective through our world-class sub-adviser, Wellington Management—a firm that distinguishes itself through global collaboration, specialized research, a private partnership structure, and expertise managing nearly every asset class and investment approach.

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