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Looking for Income? Think Outside the Bond
For clients seeking income in today’s low-yield environment, dividends may be a viable alternative to bonds.


Your 401(k): Don't Settle for Just Average
Average U.S. retirement savers need to set aside more. Are you saving enough?


The Geopolitical Ripple Effect: Can It Reach Your Portfolio?
Geopolitical events can have wide-reaching financial impacts. Are your clients’ portfolios prepared for whatever the world throws at them?


Does the Market Influence Your Appetite for Risk?
How the market’s ups and downs can change the way you invest.


The Fine Line Between Confidence and Complacency
The VIX “fear” index is hovering around pre-Financial Crisis lows, but is it a sign of investor confidence or complacency?

No Market is an Island

No Market Is an Island
Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson examines the interplay among central bank policies in the U.S., Europe, and Japan, and the impact across asset classes.


Product Updates – August 27, 2014

Hartford Funds has decided to make several changes including reorganization of several funds and the discontinuation of others.

Product Launch - Hartford Long/Short Global Equity Fund - 9.2.2014

Product update – American and Hartford HLS Funds proxy, July 2014