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Title Type Financial Professional/Client Piece Code Approval Code Date Approved Expiration
10 Things You Should Know About Inflation Whitepaper Client CCWP113 ML23-001343 3/3/23 3/3/24
8,000 Days Presentation Client SEM_8000 ML23-004305 7/18/23 7/18/24
8,000 Days White Paper Client MAI083 ML23-004307 7/18/23 7/18/24
Beyond Investment Illusions Brochure Client P3320 ML23-002120 4/6/23 4/6/24
Beyond Investment Illusions Presentation Client SEM_VOA ML23-002119 4/6/23 4/6/24
Building Resilience Together Flyer Financial Professional HF0012 ML23-000082 1/6/23 1/6/24
Communicating to Connect Presentation Financial Professional REP_CTC_Notes ML23-002330 4/20/23 4/20/24
Communicating to Connect White Paper Financial Professional MAI213 ML23-002331 4/20/23 4/20/24
Evaluating Your Digital Presence Presentation Financial Professional REP_EVALUATE ML23-000839 2/10/23 2/10/24
Evaluating Your Digital Presence Workbook Financial Professional MAI377 ML23-000840 2/10/23 2/10/24
Evolving Workscape Workbook Financial Professional MAI145 ML23-000039 1/5/23 1/5/24
Fundscope Brochure Client HF0001 ML23-004021 6/27/23 6/27/24
Future of Advice Presentation Financial Professional REP_FUTURE ML22-007041 12/5/22 12/5/23
Future of Advice Whitepaper Financial Professional MAI009 ML22-007050 12/5/22 12/5/23
Helping Your Clients Discover Their Money Story Workbook Financial Professional MAI278 ML22-007324 12/16/22 12/16/23
How to Value Inclusive Language Presentation Financial Professional REP_INCLUSIVE ML23-004094 7/5/23 7/5/24
How to Value Inclusive Language Workbook Financial Professional MAI331 ML23-004095 7/5/23 7/5/24
Maintaining Perspective in Uncertain Times Presentation Client SEM_UNCERTAIN ML23-003100 5/19/23 5/19/24
Managing Risk in Your Fixed-Income Portfolio Whitepaper Client CCWP010WH ML23-001788 3/21/23 3/21/24
MarketView Q3 2023 Presentation Financial Professional HF0044 ML23-004367 7/9/23 7/9/24
Media Replay Brochure Client MF916 ML23-002138 4/10/23 4/10/24
Media Replay Presentation Client SEM_MR_ML ML23-002137 4/10/23 4/10/24
Merrill Lynch Alignment Guide Flyer Financial Professional HF0003ML ML23-000088 1/9/23 1/9/24
Power of Stories Presentation Financial Professional REP_Stories ML23-001056 2/17/23 2/17/24
Power of Stories Workbook Financial Professional MAI344 ML23-001057 2/17/23 2/17/24
Quality of Life Presentation Client SEM_QOL ML23-003950 6/22/23 6/22/24
Quality of Life Whitepaper Client MF929 ML23-003952 6/22/23 6/22/24
Quality of Life Worksheet Client MF944 ML23-003951 6/22/23 6/22/24
Redefining Your Team Dynamic Presentation Financial Professional REP_Struggle ML23-001902 3/28/23 3/28/24
Redefining Your Team Dynamic Workbook Financial Professional MAI367 ML22-007130 12/8/22 12/8/23
Refine Your Finals Presentation Financial Professional REP_FINALS ML23-002652 5/5/23 5/5/24
Retain Your Brain Presentation Client SEM_Brain ML23-002198 4/12/23 4/12/24
Retain Your Brain Whitepaper Client MAI1384 ML23-002199 4/12/23 4/12/24
Small Team Changes, Big Results Presentation Financial Professional REP_Teams ML23-003071 5/19/23 5/19/24
Small Team Changes, Big Results Workbook Financial Professional MAI260 ML23-003072 5/19/23 5/19/24
Social Security Client Worksheet Worksheet Client MAI035 ML23-001391 3/6/23 3/6/24
Social Security: Clients' Five Top Questions Answered Presentation Financial Professional REP_SS_5QS ML23-004414 7/21/23 7/21/24
Social Security: Unlock Its Potential (IRMAA Version) Presentation Client SEM_SS_IRMAA ML23-001390 3/6/23 3/6/24
Talking Fixed Income with Clients? Make Sure You're on the Same Page Whitepaper Client WP754 ML23-002220 4/13/23 4/13/24
The Evolving Workscape Presentation Client REP_WORKSCAPE ML23-000038 1/5/23 1/5/24
The Price of Panic Whitepaper Client MAI238 ML23-001574 3/14/23 3/14/24
The Social Portfolio Presentation Client SEM_SP ML23-003880 6/20/23 6/20/24
The Social Portfolio Workbook Client MAI353 ML23-003881 6/20/23 6/20/24
There Are Always Reasons Not to Invest Whitepaper Client CCWP046 ML23-000862 2/10/23 2/10/24
Word of Mouth Influence Hierarchy Presentation Financial Professional REP_WOMI ML23-003786 6/15/23 6/15/24
Word of Mouth Influence Hierarchy Workbook Financial Professional MAI132 ML23-003787 6/15/23 6/15/24
Your Money Story Presentation Client SEM_STORY ML22-007322 12/16/22 12/16/23
Your Money Story Workbook Client MAI259 ML22-007323 12/16/22 12/16/23

Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal. Investors should carefully consider a fund's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. This and other important information is contained in the fund's prospectus and summary prospectus, which can be obtained by visiting hartfordfunds.com. Please read it carefully before investing.

Mutual funds are distributed by Hartford Funds Distributors, LLC (HFD), Member FINRA. ETFs are distributed by ALPS Distributors, Inc. (ALPS). Advisory services may be provided by Hartford Funds Management Company, LLC (HFMC) or its wholly owned subsidiary, Lattice Strategies LLC (Lattice). Certain funds are sub-advised by Wellington Management Company LLP and/or Schroder Investment Management North America Inc (SIMNA). Schroder Investment Management North America Ltd. (SIMNA Ltd) serves as a secondary sub-adviser to certain funds. HFMC, Lattice, Wellington Management, SIMNA, and SIMNA Ltd. are all SEC registered investment advisers. Hartford Funds refers to HFD, HFMC, and Lattice, which are not affiliated with any sub-adviser or ALPS.