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Simplify Your Strategy—
Magnify Your Results!

Can you run your practice from an index card?

The Pillar System (aka The Index Card Business Plan)

We teamed up with Brian Margolis, founder of ProductivityGiant.com, to teach you how to use the Pillar System to create a simple strategy for your practice. A strategy to cut through the clutter and move you toward clarity, simplicity and most importantly…results.

The first part of the Pillar System turns the complicated, overwhelming maze of your business into a list of critical weekly activities, called pillars, that are short enough to fit on an index card. The weekly completion of these pillars nearly guarantees you’ll hit your goals. The second part of the Pillar System provides a customizable strategy to turn weekly pillar execution into a habit.

In addition to increased productivity, benefits of using the Pillar System include:

  • Day-to-day, hour-to-hour clarity on what to do
  • Being less overwhelmed and making less changes in direction
  • A view of progress based on reality, not emotion
  • The alignment of your goals with what you actually do

Achieving Simplicity Isn’t Easy, But It’s Well Worth It (0:58)

Brian Margolis, founder of ProductivityGiant.com explains how it’s possible to drive results by focusing on a few key activities.


Next Steps

  1. Download or order the free report below Simplify Your Strategy, Magnify Your Results
  2. Contact your Hartford Funds Advisor Consultant to assist you with identifying your pillars
Simplify Your Strategy-Magnify Your Results PILLARS White Paper


Brian Margolis is not affiliated with Hartford Funds. Productivity.com is not an affiliate or subsidiary of Hartford Funds.