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Gain insight from leading practice-management experts, investment strategists, and the MIT AgeLab.

Upcoming Webinars:

November 16 at 4:00 p.m. ET

The Social Portfolio: Why friendships are so important to aging well

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December 6 at 4:00 p.m. ET

How to Set Goals You Can Actually Accomplish (It's easier than you think)

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Webinar Replays
Having enough money is key to a successful retirement. But having a strong social network may be more important: Clients with friends are more likely to live healthier, happier lives than those without.
As we enter the fourth quarter, the focus remains on inflation, slowing growth, and continuing recession risks. Join us to hear Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson of Wellington Management answer these questions: Will the Fed be successful in reining in inflation? How could Fed policy impact defensive fixed income? How should investors position their portfolios?
With control of Congress at stake in the midterm elections, we’ll discuss: the outlook for key races in swing states, market and policy implications of different outcomes, and how to help clients avoid making emotional decisions.
Do you avoid Social Security conversations with clients? These conversations can help you grow your business—even if you’re not a Social Security expert.
Anxiety can result in trading long-term results for short-term comfort. Discover how a historical perspective can help clients persevere during uncertain times.
Strong client relationships set the foundation for a successful, lasting practice—but we often struggle to get past surface level. Join us to learn why stories are such a powerful connection and how and when to share personal stories.
You’re probably on Facebook, but are you using it to acquire affluent clients? We’ll share street-tested methods from Oechsli.
Eighty-nine percent of Americans are at least somewhat confident in their Social Security knowledge. Yet only 6% of know all the factors that determine their maximum benefit. There are three simple ways you can help bridge that gap without being an expert. Join us and learn how to answer these common questions: Timing - When should I file for Social Security benefits? Work - If I file and continue to work, are my benefits affected? Taxes - Will I pay taxes on my Social Security benefits?
2022 is likely to be a year of transition as the market’s focus shifts to economic growth, inflation, and the response of central banks.
Join us to help you prepare to reclaim your workday and life in 2022. No matter how much we want to accomplish our daily priorities, our plans can quickly be derailed by life's never-ending distractions. But with the right system in place, we can resist distractions and accomplish our top priorities.
For many women, retirement seems distant compared to the daily demands vying for their attention—and planning for it may be at the bottom of the list. MIT AgeLab offers three simple questions you can use to help make the process more manageable for women clients and most relevant to their needs.
Many clients think that having good health and enough money are the keys to a great retirement. But once they retire, they get a nagging feeling that something is missing. Learn from MIT AgeLab: what a social portfolio is and why it’s key to successful aging, why creating a friendship inventory leads to more rewarding relationships, and why helping clients in this area gives your practice an edge.
As we enter review season for 401(k) plans, most financial professionals focus on the plan’s investment line-up while overlooking other key fiduciary areas. Get prepared with a basic framework that will set you up for a successful meeting.
After more than a year of virtual presentations, both you and your clients may be eager to ditch the screen for live interactions. But your live presentation skills may be a bit rusty. This webinar can help you freshen up your live presentation skills so you can deliver a remarkable client experience.
As the market frets about the possibility of higher inflation and lower growth, join us to hear CNBC’s Ron Insana host industry experts from Wellington Management and Schroders to discuss: Will rising inflation cause the Fed to act before the market expects? Do falling bond yields signal that growth will fall off a cliff? Could rising corporate and personal taxes derail the economic recovery?
Help your clients understand the factors that can impact their Social Security payments and maximize future income. Join us to learn how to answer three common questions around, timing, work and taxes.
Retirement has changed but retirement planning hasn’t. It’s imperative that today’s practices evolve from a focus on financial security to the new business of longevity planning. The MIT AgeLab recommends building a network of longevity-related professionals to help solve the challenges of longer retirements and differentiate your practice.
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