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Webinars and Podcasts

Gain insight from leading practice-management experts, investment strategists, and the MIT AgeLab.

Webinar Replays
Join Nanette as she discusses fixed-income opportunities, inflation pressures, and international investing in the second half of 2021.
Retirement has changed but retirement planning hasn’t. It’s imperative that today’s practices evolve from a focus on financial security to the new business of longevity planning. The MIT AgeLab recommends building a network of longevity-related professionals to help solve the challenges of longer retirements and differentiate your practice.
The consolidation among recordkeepers is creating challenges for you and your plan sponsors, impacting everything from investment menus to the daily operation of the plan. Join us to hear Fred Reish discuss: Why plan sponsors should have a formal process to review their plan’s recordkeeper. how to evaluate the new recordkeeper’s costs and services and questions to ask the new recordkeeper
Virtual meetings are here to stay. While they can’t beat face-to-face, the opportunities virtual meetings offer outweigh the challenges—as long as you understand best practices.
As the country begins to reopen at a faster pace, join us to hear CNBC’s Ron Insana host industry experts from Wellington Management and Schroders to discuss: Will rising bond yields lead to continued volatility or is the worst behind us? Will massive stimulus and a huge infrastructure bill ignite inflation? Could rising corporate and personal taxes derail the economic recovery?
Rebecca Hourihan of 401(k) Marketing will discuss how to enhance your brand in the DC market. She’ll share tips on how to express your firm’s unique value proposition, stand out from the competition, and attract your ideal clients.
As the economy continues to recover, join Nanette as she discusses rotations from domestic to international and growth to value, the pandemic's impact on markets, inflation pressures, and more.
Helping clients prepare for a 30-plus year retirement is no easy task. But for many women in their 50s and 60s, the pandemic has exacerbated three factors that are creating unprecedented uncertainty about their retirement futures. Join us to hear Dr. Joe Coughlin of the MIT AgeLab share new insights that will help women feel more confident in their retirement prospects.
The merger or acquisition (M&A) of one company by another raises significant issues for their 401(k) plan. Join Fred Reish as he discusses how the type of M&A transaction affects the 401(k) plan, the potential impact to the participant’s account, and the role the financial professional plays depending on the transaction type.
Hartford Funds welcomes Jay Wright, men’s basketball head coach at Villanova University, to discuss universal team building and leadership lessons that built a national powerhouse at a school with just 6,500 undergraduates.
With today’s rising lifespans, most of us will spend at least 20 years in retirement―approximately 8,000 days. Dr. Joe Coughlin of the MIT AgeLab will share insights that can help participants prepare for their retirement journey.
CNBC’s Ron Insana hosts a discussion with industry experts from Wellington Management and Schroders. As we begin a new presidential administration, hear our panel discuss the latest on politics and these questions: Is the stock market in a bubble? Who’s behind the rising demand for Bitcoin? What does the spike in yields mean for bonds and stocks?
As we head into 2021, encouraging vaccine data, policy support, and gradually reopening economies are making markets optimistic. Join us to hear Nanette Abuhoff Jacobson discuss her outlook for three great rotations.
Clients are currently contending with a variety of issues. Some are finance-related, but most aren’t—and many clients’ emotions are running high. By talking strictly about financial matters without acknowledging their other concerns, you could risk opportunities to build stronger client relationships.
Get research-based methods from the Oechsli to acquire clients using the world’s largest professional network with 706 million online users.
Join us to learn new prospecting activities that will help you fill your pipeline and grow your retirement plan business.
As we get closer to Election Day, you’ll be talking with your clients about politics more than ever. Join us for a discussion to hear about, the surprising things retail investors told us they believe about politics and investing and how to tactfully handle political discussions with clients
NBC’s Ron Insana hosts a post-election discussion with industry experts from Wellington Management and Schroders. Join us to learn: The latest on the Pfizer vaccine and its impact, what Biden’s victory means for the economy, taxes, and the markets, and positioning ideas for client portfolios.
Fred Reish discusses Pooled Employer Plan (PEP). These plans will play a significant role in the retirement plan market, and financial professionals who get in on the ground floor could potentially benefit.
New research from the MIT AgeLab on COVID-19 reveals that there are common perspectives and emotions within generations on how they’re coping during the pandemic. Understanding these views can help you show empathy and prepare more effectively for client conversations.
Fred Reish to discuss the ERISA fiduciary ‘safe harbor’ available to plan sponsors that protects them from liability and other timely topics DC advisors will want to listen in on.
As we’re emerging from the pandemic, many advisors are wondering how to adapt their practices. It’s hard to know the answer, because the next normal is still taking shape. Insights from the MIT AgeLab can help.
Many advisors create their practice by default—it just happens. But you can intentionally design your practice to increase growth and retention. Instead of wracking your brain about how to prospect more, you can take your practice to the next level by using hidden leverage points in your existing book of business.
How's your team performing during the pandemic? In this webinar, you'll gain new perspectives about your people and processes to help you emerge from this crisis with an improved, stronger team.
Prospecting during a crisis can be a disaster waiting to happen. To avoid this potential awkwardness, many advisors stop prospecting because it’s not worth the risk. The Oechsli Institute has developed 3 subtle prospecting strategies to acquire clients without coming off as too salesy.
The pandemic, an economic shutdown, and an uncertain future have many investors on edge. Join us to learn the lifecycle of a crisis, how to avoid impulsive investment decisions, and 3 steps to help clients stay focused on their long-term goals
Efforts to get money into the hands of small business owners during this crisis have left many of them wondering what comes next. Join Sonia Smith, Public Administration Officer at the U.S. Small Business Administration, to help answer those questions.
Join us to learn; How client anxiety affects financial planning and the advisor-client relationship. 3 symptoms of investor anxiety, and 6 ways for advisors to respond when clients show symptoms of high anxiety
In times of crisis, effective client communication is key. Learn how to FACE adversity using proven techniques to better share insights, maintain visibility, communicate confidently, and engage with empathy.
Top ways advisors are using technology to make new connections online with those who need their help more than ever.

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