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Sustainable Investing

Our goal is to help investors achieve theirs. And in a world where environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors have a growing influence on markets, we think sustainable investing can help build better financial futures.

When it comes to sustainable investing, we believe in...

Differentiated Alpha

Fundamental ESG analysis can uncover diversified sources of
Alpha is a measure of performance on a risk-adjusted basis. Alpha takes the volatility (price risk) of a fund and compares its risk-adjusted performance to a benchmark index. The excess return of the fund relative to the return of the benchmark index is a fund's alpha.to strengthen portfolios.

Enhanced Outcomes

Over the long term, investors can benefit from innovative, forward-thinking companies that are driving change.

Being Human Centric

We are committed to inspiring a culture of compassion, inclusion, and purpose. Learn More

To us, sustainable investing is about one thing—investing.


Our sustainable funds seek investments that contribute to their financial objective and provide positive societal and/or environmental outcomes. 

We measure results by comparing our sustainable funds to major market indices, not ESG-specific ones.

We measure results by comparing our sustainable funds to major market indices, not ESG-specific ones.

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Integrating ESG

By intentionally incorporating financially-material ESG analysis into a fund's investment process, portfolio managers have the potential to uncover opportunities and identify risks that may not appear on balance sheets—yet still influence investment value.

Our world-class sub-advisers are recognized industry leaders for their commitment to ESG research.

  • 50+ sustainable investment-team professionals
  • 20+ years of ESG integration investment experience
  • A+ rating by UN PRI annual assessment*
  • Signatory of the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative

Every Hartford Fund product sub-advised by Schroders integrates ESG factors into its investment process.

  • 23+ sustainable investment-team professionals
  • A+ rating by UN PRI annual assessment*
  • Partnerships with organizations at the forefront of sustainability,
    such as Woodwell Climate Research Center
  • Signatory of the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative

Certain Hartford Funds products sub-advised by Wellington Management integrate ESG factors into their investment processes. See each fund's prospectus for information.

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Choosing Your Path to a Sustainable Future

We’ve charted two pathways for investors seeking a sustainable future. Both paths share one common goal—providing competitive financial returns—but allow investors to map their own unique journey.
Learn More

*PRI provides each of its 5,090 signatories (as of 7/22) with an annual process report that provides feedback on their self-reported responsible investing activities. Answers are compared to the median and scored within one of six performance bands (from E to A+). For more information, please visit www.unpir.org.

A sustainable fund and a fund that uses ESG integration are different. A sustainable fund has a sustainability focus while ESG integration is a component of a fund’s research process. There is not a uniform definition of sustainable or ESG integration. With respect to a sustainable fund, using a sustainable investing approach may result in foregoing certain investments and may result in different performance results as compared to funds that do not have similar focuses. The sub-adviser’s analysis, including any evaluation of ESG characteristics, may not achieve the intended results or enhance Fund performance. With respect to a fund that uses ESG integration, ESG characteristics are not the only factors considered and as a result, the companies (or issuers) in which a Fund invests may not be companies (or issuers) with favorable ESG characteristics or high ESG ratings.