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Mastering LinkedIn

Learn how advisors use LinkedIn to bring in business 

Note: Prior to using LinkedIn or implementing any of the strategies referenced in this presentation, please consult with your firm’s legal and compliance teams, social media policy, and required participation in social media programs.

Are you truly using the power of the largest online professional network, LinkedIn, to grow your business? Our resources can help you use LinkedIn to bring in new affluent clients. All of the strategies are based on The Oechsli Institute’s independent, ongoing research on financial professionals who have brought in new business specifically through LinkedIn. The goal of this research, by studying 917 successful financial professionals , was to learn their techniques and routines; now we’re passing those along to you. For instance, the research revealed that of the financial professionals who successfully used linked in: 94% of use LinkedIn every week, 78% actively speak with clients about their social media usage, and 80% proactively offer introductions to others using their LinkedIn network.*

The resources include insights on:

  • Branding and Posting: Branding and posting are all about perception. 95% of the affluent will look you up online prior to engaging your services.* This isn’t how they find you necessarily, but they do use the web to conduct their secondary research. How does LinkedIn factor into this? When you search for John Doe financial professional  in Google, LinkedIn is very likely to pop up at or near the top of the search results.

  • Prospecting with LinkedIn: Prospecting is the best part of LinkedIn, but very few financial professionals specifically use it for this purpose. You’ll learn specific actions you can take to grow your network and engage potential clients.

  • A Game Plan: Having a game plan separates the financial professionals who successfully use LinkedIn from all the rest. Many financial professionals “dabble” when it comes to social media and “dabblers” don’t get many results. You’ll get a list of activities with recommendations on what to do every day and every week.

The bottom line is that LinkedIn is only as powerful as its user. Learn, practice, experiment, to set yourself apart with digital marketing.


Stephen Boswell and Kevin Nichols from The Oechsli Institute explain how LinkedIn can be used to acquire new clients.


Stephen and Kevin provide tips on how to use our advisor workbook.

Next Steps

  1. Consult with your firm’s legal and compliance teams about social media policies and required participation in social media programs
  2. Today, download or order the Mastering LinkedIn workbook below
  3. In one week, identify 20 prospects using the LinkedIn search

*Source: The Oechsli Institute, 2017 Most Recent Data Available

The Oechsli Institute is not an affiliate or subsidiary of Hartford Funds.