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More Ways to Save

When it comes to saving for college, every contribution to the account helps. Here are additional opportunities to help your clients increase their savings by saving regularly and getting others involved:


This free service provides earnings college savings on eligible everyday purchases from shopping online, dining out, and much more.1 Visit www.upromise.com for more information.



This online feature allows your clients to invite family and friends to celebrate occasions with gift contributions to their beneficiary's 529 account. This option is available as an feature within the account access system for SMART529 account holders.


Automatic Investment Program (AIP)

The AIP program allows your clients to contribute regularly on a schedule and in an amount at their direction. They can also designate an automatic increase in their AIP contributions that can be changed at any time. The AIP program also allows for contributions to come in from multiple bank accounts, such as from grandparents who wish to participate regularly. To sign up, log on to your account or use this form.


Payroll Direct Deposit

Automatic payroll direct deposit makes saving for college nearly effortless. Have you clients go online, sign up, print out the payroll direct deposit form, and bring it to their payroll department. Their employer must be able to support this feature. To sign up, log on to your account or use this form.


College Savings Resources

College Savings Calculator

More Ways to Save